Wife of Jamie Goad charged with assault

By Jeff Linville - jlinville@mtairynews.com

The wife of a candidate who ran for sheriff has been served a criminal summons charging her with assault and battery.

The Mount Airy Police Department stated in a report that Mitzi Jean Goad, 41, of Country Club Road, Mount Airy, met an officer at the magistrate’s office in Mount Airy on Wednesday and was served with the criminal summons. She was then released with a court appearance scheduled for June 29 in Dobson.

Mitzi is the wife of former deputy Jamie Goad, who was one of four candidates who ran for the Republican nomination in the May 8 primary.

Jamie Goad said Thursday evening that his wife never assaulted anyone and that the complainant has been harassing him and his family ever since he announced he was running for sheriff last year.

This alleged victim is Diana Gwyn, of Mount Airy.

Gwyn made headlines last year when in March 2017 she filed a challenge against Mark Jones, saying he wasn’t eligible to be chairman of the Surry County Republican Party. Jones won his case and even threatened to sue Gwyn last summer for alleged damages related to the challenge.

Goad and Gwyn live less than a mile apart on the north side of the city.

The Goads live behind Central United Methodist Church, and Gwyn lives about three-quarters of a mile north going toward Cross Creek Country Club, which is where the alleged incident took place.

The source said that Gwyn’s version of the incident was that Mitzi Goad (listed as 4-foot-11 and 102 pounds) attacked her in the dining room of the country club on Saturday.

Jamie Goad, who served two decades in the Surry County Sheriff’s Office, said he and his wife were attending a March of Dimes fundraiser. When the last song of the evening started, Mitzi asked him to dance. While they were on the floor, they noticed a light shining on them from the crowd. He said Gwyn had turned on the flashlight of her phone and was videoing the two of them dancing.

He said Mitzi went over there, slapped the phone out of Gwyn’s hands and told her to leave her and her family alone.

“She did not get assaulted. She did not get hit,” he said of Gwyn.

Dirty Race

Three weeks before the incident, in the days leading up to the primary, Jamie Goad said that someone in his neighborhood kept stealing his campaign signs out of his yard and he didn’t know who it was yet or who was behind what he considered a libelous website about him.

During the campaign season, someone started an anonymous website, goadtruth.com, that alleges among other things that Jamie and Mitzi Goad are swingers engaging in immoral acts with other couples.

At the bottom of the page is this comment: “This information is not intended as slander or defamation of his character. Mr. Goad has taken that into his own hands!”

However, Jamie Goad said just before the primary that he had spoken to the district attorney’s office and the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation because one of the paragraphs implies extortion.

“We would hope that Mr. Goad decides to drop out of the race. … However, if we do not see some course of action transpire soon, more information will be leaked, including photos and other documents.”

Mitzi Goad said at the time that she was upset over this website because she has a daughter in high school, and kids at school were taunting her over the allegations on the site.

Jamie Goad said that his step-daughters work at a local restaurant and that one day Gwyn was in the place antagonizing the girls while they worked.

On Thursday, Jamie Goad said he still hasn’t heard from the state if investigators have tracked down the creator of the website.

He believes that the assault investigation will clear his wife once officers have spoken to all the witnesses at the fundraiser.

By Jeff Linville


Reach Jeff at 415-4692.

Reach Jeff at 415-4692.