North Surry on lockdown after nearby gunshot heard

North Surry High School was placed on lockdown this morning after a teenager at the school heard a gunshot and reported seeing a man with a gun on nearby property.

However, it appears the gunman was simply shooting geese on his property, according to a Surry County official.

“The hunter was shooting geese on his pond,” said John Shelton, Surry County Emergency Services coordinator. “The teenager…saw the gentleman with the rifle, and they called it in (to the sheriff’s office), which is protocol.”

Shelton said the Surry County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene quickly, located the gunman, and after speaking with him determined there was no threat to the school.

As of 11 a.m., the school was still on lockdown while the sheriff’s office was officially clearing each room on the campus, which is protocol in a case, but he said the scene would be cleared soon.

Officials determine no threat to school, gunman was hunter