12-year-old run-away found safe

By John Peters - jpeters@mtairynews.com

Surry County authorities have found a boy who had run away from the Children’s Home of Surry County, though few additional details are forthcoming.

In an email alert sent by the Surry County E911 System, officials said Jacob Noah Wall “has been found and is okay.”

Authorities had been searching for Jacob since he fled the Children’s Home of Surry County at 2:20 a.m. Sunday.

For several hours, they feared he had gotten a ride from the area. There is no word if that happened

Officials expressed that fear because canine units brought in to help for the search were able to track his scent for a time, only to lose all traces of him in the Prison Camp Road area of the county.

Jacob Noah Wall had last been seen around 2:20 a.m. fleeing from the Children’s Home of Surry County, according to Surry County Emergency Services Coordinator John Shelton.

“He was seen running down Prison Camp Road toward Red Brush Road,” Shelton said.

Emergency Services, the Surry County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Dobson Rescue Squad were called in to search for the missing boy.

“We used the canine units to track him to a church on Prison Camp Road,” Shelton said. It was there his scent disappeared.

Shelton said his department issued a reverse-911 call, contacting all residents and businesses within a six-mile radius of where he was last seen, sent out missing child alerts, and along with the sheriff’s office, has searched a number of buildings in the area, with no sign of Jacob. They even looked through parks and other facilities in the town of Dobson.

“We’re concerned someone may have picked him up,” he said earlier Sunday, before Jacob was found.

Shelton explained the youth may have been able to make contact with someone else ahead of time, arranging the pick-up, or it could have been something as simple as a motorist seeing a child along the road and giving him a ride to wherever the youth requested.

Shelton said both scenarios have played out over the years with run-aways from the home.


By John Peters