The kids are gone, now what?

Computers stacked to be updated with new programs at MCA.

Tonya Price, a receptionist for MCA, continues working during the summer.

Now that school is out summer activities in the community are under way and teachers are home relaxing on the couch — wait, do teachers go home during the summer?

No, the great myth of having summers off is being debunked, at least in part, because summers can be just as busy as school months for school staff.

“The phones never stops ringing, even in the summer,” said Tonya Price, receptionist for Millennium Charter Academy said.

Teachers have to curate new lessons and improve curriculum. Class schedules have to be made.

The schools accept and manage all the deliveries that arrive during the summer for the coming fall school year; including next textbooks and equipment.

New hire orientation and training has to be completed. Staff also participates in development training, including technology training in programs purchased by the school system, for the computers.

Computers need servicing, walls need to be painted, windows need to be washed, carpets shampooed and hard floors waxed.

After the great cleaning and stacking of the chairs and desks, teachers then have to unstack those chairs and desks and prepare their classroom environment for the next year.

Bills have to be paid as well — after all the staff need power and water to work this summer.

Superintendents maintain every aspect of school operations and continually work to provide staff and students with the proper tools to utilize their school year.

The work doesn’t just continue in the traditional schools. Homeschooling also is a year-round effort by parents, whether it be shopping for educational tools and lesson plans or planning an educational summer trip that will tie into their lesson plans.

“Keeping kids engaged in activities that will keep their memory fresh, in preparation for the next school year,” said Mary Ruth Love, a homeschooler in Pilot Mountain

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