Real Estate Transfers

Compiled by Robert Heath

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

• Alice and Perry Cooke to Saw-Saw LLC, $60

• Betty Foster to Gregory Holt, Lots 8-11 C W Folder Subdivision in Dobson $144

• Rex Hardy to Reece Barbour, Tract in Mount Airy $198

• Bobbie and Donald Joyner to Tamara Kenkins, Lot 2 Nellie M Yarbrough Property PB 120 and 131 Rockford $18

• Cynthia and John Osborne to Richard Gordon, Tract in Mount Airy $200

• Taylor and Rebecca Clark to Cody Jackson and Monique Howlett, Lot 8 Cross Creek Country Club Inc. Residential Development Phase 2 Section E PB 9 32 in Mount Airy $320

• Debra and Thomas Bullard to Steven Caudill, 8.09 acres in Bryan Township $84

• Earl and Emily Hill to James and Marsha Meadows, Lot 5A Hollyview Estates PB 11 144 in Mount Airy $752

• James and Brenda Vaden to Joseph Bright, 0.60 acres $140

• J&B Properties and Investments LLC to Alfredo Valencia, 2.897 acres in Dobson $46

• Susan Knighton to Jordana Coe, Tract in Mount Airy $258

• Roger Thompson to Veronica Zavalla, 1.539 acres PB 32 162 in Westfield $374

• Tiffany and Aric Warner to Dianne Hardy, Lots 1 and 2 JG Wood Farm Section A PB 6 41 $239

• Evelyn Wilson to John and Laura Wood, 2.41 acres Marsh $244

• Jonathan and Christy McMillian to Chainey Cooke and Victoria Cox, Tract 1 Lot 6 Airmont Development PB 6 144 and Tract 2 Tract in Mount Airy $226

• Paul and Betty Siders to Danny and Rhonda Niday, $615

• Luvenia Simmons to Marcy Carlini, 1.38 acres in Mount Airy $264

• Tony and Christi Smith to Emma and Larry Jenkins, Tract in Stewarts Creek $60

• Sheila Willard to Seca Properties LLC, 2.75 acres in Mount Airy $40

• Brianna and Jeremiah Simpson and Bradley Settle, Tract in Elkin $218

• Alicia Gooch to Bryan Hall, 2.841 acres in Pilot Mountain $67

• Jacob Hall to Chad and Kimberly Gough, Lots 78 and 79 Hollyview Forrest Section III PB 7 2 in Mount Airy $340

• Linda and Stonie Holcomb to Johnny Newman, Tracts in Bryan Township $310

• Adolphus and Iris Stonestreet to Danny and Wendy Nance, Unit 10A Dearon Village III Condominiums BK 1 255-257 in Pilot Mountain $446

• Tommy and Brenday Watson to Chrystal and William Reynolds, Lots 6-9 Block B J D. Smith Estate PB 3 109 in Mount Airy $248

• Joshua Holderfield to Christopher Bowman, Tract PB 26 179 in Stewarts Creek $395

• J and T LDTR LLC to Stephen Payne, Lot in Mount Airy $81

• Billie and Sandy Moser to Jonathan and Amy Atkins, Lot 34 and 35 Carson Acres Subdivision PB 16 97 in Pilot Mountain $390

Compiled by Robert Heath