Filing period ends for most offices

By Bill Colvard -

DOBSON — The final days of the candidate filing period for most 2018 elections brought a flurry of candidates into the fray.

The filing period for most offices in the county ended Wednesday at noon.

Two Democrats have joined races for the N.C. House of Representatives. John Worth Wiles, of Elkin, filed to run for the 90th District seat in the state House, and Michael Booth of King, (Stokes County), has filed to run for the 91st District seat.

Three additional candidates have filed to run for the county Board of Commissioners’ Central District seat from which Commissioner Buck Golding recently retired. They are: Tony R. Tilley, Republican; Mark A. Marion, Republican; and Gary Carson Tilley, Republican.

Additional candidates filed in the last few days for non-partisan offices as well. R.D. Bingman has filed to run for Surry County Board of Education, District 2.

Ralph Beshears Jr., and Matthew Schrum have filed to run for the two seats available on Elkin Board of Education, City District. Filing for the Elkin Board of Education remains open until Aug. 6 at noon.

Filing for the county-wide office of Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor will come later in the year, June 11 through July 6.

Filing for some municipal offices will also happen later in the summer: July 6 – Aug. 3 for Mount Airy Board of Education, and July 6 – July 20 for Dobson Mayor, two seats on Dobson’s Board of Commissioners, Elkin Mayor, Pilot Mountain Mayor, and two seats on Pilot Mountain Board of Commissioners.

For the list of candidates below, those currently holding an office are designated with an asterisk (*).

N.C. House, 90th District

John Worth Wiles (Dem)

Sarah Stevens * (Rep)

Allen Poindexter (Rep)

N.C. House, 91st District

Michael Booth (Dem)

Kyle Hall * (Rep)

N.C. Senate, 30th District

Jen Mangrum (Dem)

Phil Berger * (Rep)

N.C. Senate, 45th District

Brandon Anderson (Dem)

Shirley Randleman * (Rep)

Deanna Ballard * (Rep)

Surry Clerk of Court

Kim Thomas (Dem)

John Snow (Dem)

Teresa O’Dell * (Rep)

Neil Brendle (Rep)

Surry Sheriff

Jimmy Combs * (Dem)

Jamie Goad (Rep)

Steve Hiatt (Rep)

Ervin Odum (Rep)

Vann Tate (Rep)

County Commissioner, Mount Airy

Larry Phillips * (Rep)

Bill Goins (Rep)

County Commissioner, Central District

Tony Childs (Rep)

Mark Marion (Rep)

Gary Tilley (Rep)

Tony Tilley (Rep)

County Commissioner, South District

Karen Osburn-Chandler (Dem)

Eddie Harris * (Rep)

Surry County Board of Education

District 2

Mamie McKinney Sutphin *

R.D. Bingman

District 3

Earlie Coe *

District 4

Terri Mosley *

Most races have multiple candidates

By Bill Colvard

Reach Bill Colvard at 336-415-4699.

Reach Bill Colvard at 336-415-4699.