Student essayists to visit New York

Four local high school essayists will be traveling to New York in March to take part in a United Nations tour and part of a round-table discussion as part of the Oscar Merritt United Nations Essay Contest.

The four Mount Airy High students — Olivia Wilson, Owen Perkins, Gilleyn Bunting, and Lindley Williams — were part of the essay contest, submitting their 1,000-word essays on the topic chosen by contest organizers: the use of plastics and its effect on world oceans. Students were asked to state the problem and then propose a solution to this for the UN based on the United Nations guidelines and protocol.

Each student submitted essays that were first sent to the local Rotary clubs and then the top two winners were chosen to be finalists. Lindley Williams and Owen Perkins were the top two chosen at the local level.

A special education UN committee then read the submitted essays which also included local winners from Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools and Charlotte Early College. Williams’ essay came in third place.

All four will now go to the tour and discussion in New York, New York, March 24-27.