City ends year with precipitation surplus

Staff Report

While some areas were dealing with drought conditions during 2017, Mount Airy finished the year with a precipitation surplus.

Despite below-average outputs toward the end of that 12-month period, annual precipitation of 51.6 inches was logged in the city, according to a breakdown from F.G. Doggett Water Plant, Mount Airy’s official weather-monitoring station.

That is 6.1 inches, or 13.4 percent, above normal for the city, where weather records have been kept since 1924 and precipitation averages 45.5 inches annually.

December’s precipitation contribution was not part of that trend, with only 1.09 inches measured at the water plant, compared to the December average for Mount Airy of 3.46 inches. A snowstorm that produced 4.03 inches of the white stuff on Dec. 9-10 was incorporated into last month’s total.

Measurable precipitation occurred on nine of December’s 31 days, with the maximum listed as 0.40 inches on Dec. 9.

Where temperatures were concerned, last month’s readings ran the gamut, from a high of 72 degrees on Dec. 20 to the monthly low of 15 degrees recorded on both Dec. 28-29.

When all temperatures were figured into the equation, the mercury was slightly cooler for the month than usual in Mount Airy, a 38.1-degree average compared to 38.8.

December had nine days with frost and three with fog.

Staff Report

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