Dry weather pattern gripped area in November

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Anyone who is of the opinion that it has been abnormally dry in this area in recent weeks — despite Wednesday’s rainfall — can have that suspicion confirmed by the latest weather breakdown from F.G. Doggett Water Plant in Mount Airy.

It shows that rainfall during November, the latest reporting period available, totaled only 1.42 inches. The all-time local average for the 11th month of the year is more than double that, 3.02 inches.

Measurable amounts were logged on 10 of November’s 30 days, according to the report from the water plant, the city’s official weather-monitoring station. But little in the way of output was noted on those days, with the maximum amount for any single 24-hour period, 0.37 inches, occurring on two different dates — Nov. 5 and 9.

Despite last month’s dry spell, the precipitation total for the year, as of Nov. 30, remains above average.

Mount Airy received 50.51 inches through the first 11 months of 2017, compared to the average local precipitation of 42.04 inches for that period. The 50.51 figure is 8.47 inches, or 20.1 percent, above normal.

November also proved to be cooler than usual, with the mercury averaging 46.2 degrees, more than a full degree lower than the November norm of 47.4.

That was aided by a temperature of 23 degrees, the monthly low, being recorded for both Nov. 24 and 25, with frost noted on 10 days last month.

On the other end of the scale, the high for the month, 80 degrees, occurred on Nov. 4.

Fog was witnessed by water plant personnel on two days during November.

Weather records have been kept in Mount Airy since 1924.

Staff Report

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