Pilot homes to lose water for few hours

Emergency repairs needed at East Surry

Staff Report

PILOT MOUNTAIN — Town maintenance crews are rushing this evening to fix a cracked water pipe outside East Surry High School.

Still, some homes could lose water for the next couple of hours.

About 1 p.m. today, motorists driving by the East Surry football field spotted water coming up through the roadway, said Michael Boaz, town manager. The town was alerted to the danger.

This wasn’t some small line like what runs to a house, but rather a big 10-inch water main that has a great deal of pressure and volume flowing through the pipe.

At 7:30 p.m. Boaz said the town’s work crew had run into one hurdle in that there is no large valve in that stretch of pipe that allows water to be turned off just for that section of roadway.

He said at the time that it looked like the town would have to shut off the source of the water coming from the two water tanks so that repairs could take place, which obviously would interrupt service to customers.

Hopefully this work can be completed by 10:30-11 p.m. tonight, said the town manager.

At this point, Boaz said the town can’t say exactly what happened to the water main. This section of pipe is not one of the older areas of Pilot scheduled for preventative line replacement in long-time service plans.

With the water still flowing, all the work crew can tell is that there has been a crack, but not what factors may have caused it.

Emergency repairs needed at East Surry

Staff Report

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