Jonesville Medical moves in Dobson

DOBSON – The Dobson branch of the Jonesville Family Medical Center has moved to a new location, just around the corner from its old spot.

Jonesville Family Medical, a part of Cornerstone Health Care, moved from Crutchfield Street to 111 S. Comer St., close to the town park.

The provider team consists of doctors Evan Ballard, Will Ballard, “Bill” Griffin Wilson III and Thomas Shelburne. The physician assistants are Lynn Killon and Mary Louise Keller.

The team opened its doors at the new location at the end of September and is accepting new patients.

When asked why it moved, Jonesville Family Medical Center said it needed a bigger space both for itself and to provide a more comfortable space for its patients.

Jonesville Family Medical Center’s other location is at 4000 S. Swaim St. Extension, Jonesville.

For more information about Jonesville Family Medical, call (336) 386-4452 or visit

Cornerstone Health Care, an affiliate of Wake Forest Baptist Health, is a multi-disciplinary practice of more than 275 physicians and mid-level health professionals in more than 80 locations throughout central North Carolina.

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