Garden Club thankful for tour help

To the Editor,

On June 10, 2017, the three local garden clubs (Mountain View, Garden Gate and Modern) came together to stage a garden tour in our fair city. Garden club members spent months in the planning stages, and the gardens chosen were the ones that we thought were so beautiful they needed to be shared.

Part of the preparation involved getting folks excited about coming out for the tour. Luckily, we got Bill Colvard of the Mount Airy News hooked on our project, too. No one could have done a better job of photographing and writing pieces about each site for the tour. We are sure so many people showed up because of the coverage the News so graciously gave us.

The tour was a great success, with not only locals, but also people coming from places like Winston-Salem and Roanoke, Virginia. Money raised from the tour will be utilized to help many garden projects in and around Mount Airy.

We cannot thank the community enough for all the support we got from local sponsors. Businesses and families generously donated money and time to help make this project a success. Home owners spent months in preparation for this event and worked hard to help us showcase the beauty of our local gardens. The homeowners warmly welcomed all the visitors. Numerous volunteers came together to pull it all off. Even the weather cooperated.

We are so thankful to be in a community that supports and encourages events like ours. The list of folks to thank is too long for the space we have. It takes a village, and ours certainly came together on June 10.

Judy Rhoden

Mount Airy