Carroll hikes tax rate 1.5 cents

Staff report

Carroll County, Virginia, residents will see real estate tax rates increase beginning July 1, though the board members say the tax rate hike is “revenue neutral” because a recent reassessment found some property values had dropped.

Supervisors approved the $41,451,784 budget on a 4-2 vote, setting the new tax rate at 69.5 cents per $100 of assessed value. That represents an increase of 1.5 cents.

“It was revenue neutral because assessed value went up and down. Overall assessed value went down, which provides a revenue-neutral position for the county. Some (people’s taxes) went up, some went down, but more folks went down than went up,” said Laurel Fork District Supervisor Joshua Hendrick

Sulfer Springs District Supervisor Rex Hill and at-large board member Robbie McCraw cast the two no votes. Both men cited the tax increase as the reason, although Hill added he would like to see the budgeting process changed some as well.

“In certain areas we have overspent our budget essentially. I would like to do quarterly appropriations and we might be able to get a handle on some of those areas where we overspend,” Hill said. “I don’t go along with the rate increase. I think there are still areas I think we could cut…We have overspent every year for the past six or seven years. And maybe that is the budget process, but our revenue has not come in what we anticipated, and that is another reason.”

“I know it is revenue neutral but it still looks like an increase,” Robbie McCraw said in voicing his opposition. “To people out in the public it looks like an increase. I don’t have to reiterate what Rex said, I don’t like doing these appropriations throughout the year. I think we can do a better job of getting our numbers to where they need to be and we don’t have to worry about that, we know what our budget is going to be, we know what it is going to come in at or 1 of 2 percent over or a half a percent over,” he said. “I just think we can do a better job of serving the people of this county.”

Staff report

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