Property transfers

Compiled by Andy Winemiller - [email protected]

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However, a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

• Tamela and Thomas Green to Brenda F. Tobler. Lot in the Cedar Gate Subdivision in Stewarts Creek Township. $68

• J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National Association to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. 2.67 acres in Surry County. $0

• The Estate of Roger Lee Steele to Terry Steele. 5.85 acres in Westfield Township. $0

• Lessie A. Brindle to Thomas and Tami Ledford. Two lots in Springfield Estates in Long Hill. $0

• Jack and Sarah Tate and Deborah T. Williams to Calvin and Vickie Payne. 38.73 acres in Mount Airy. $165

• Lisa and Mark Blevins to Thomas K. Pobgee. Lot in the Folly Farm Subdivision in Mount Airy. $436

• Kevin and Cathleen Card to Isaiah A. Card. 0.224 acres in the Franklin Heights Subdivision in Mount Airy. $0

• Kevin and Cathleen Card to Chenoa and William Young. 10.902 acres in Eldora Township. $0

• The Estate of Lewis M. Willis to E.D. Bray III. 1.72 acres in Mount Airy. $410

• The Estate of Lewis M. Willis to E.D. Bray III. 2.45 acres in Mount Airy. $240

• Robert E. Hilgendorf to William and Jennifer Poindexter. 9.84 acres in Stewarts Creek Township. $256

• The Mary E. Smith Revocable Trust to Michael and Megan Gentry. 0.79 acres in Mount Airy. $625

• Ira and Patricia Halsey to Justin and Andrea Hudson. Lot in the Downy Brooke Subdivision. $520

• Harold and Nancy Russell to Nancy R. Venable. Unit in the Hazelnut Plantation Condominiums in Mount Airy. $600

• Laurie Rohner to Angeleic and Allen Lyles and Richard M. Montosa Sr. Two tracts in Elkin. $370

• Florencio G. Lopez to Marena S. Lopez and Raul Lopez Perez. 0.903 acres in Dobson. $70

• Lynda L. Burcham to the Mayberry Marketing Group, LLC. 1.06 acres in Mount Airy. $64

• Thomas and Catherine McCluskey to Gail and John Del Valle. 0.58 acres in Surry County. $366

• Marty, Susan and Ricky Chilton, Cindy Chilton Smith and Libby and James Harrold to Gilbert and Polly Sloan. 2.17 acres in Mount Airy. $128

• Robin M. Leake to Joshua and Jennifer Maccollum. 1.07 acres in Pilot Mountain. $590

• Patricia R. Eggers to Barbara W. Jackson and Elbert and John Williams. Lots in Mount Airy. $0

• Linda S. Cooke to Ralph C. Cooke Jr. Tract in Mount Airy. $0

• The Estate of Inez Caudle Kidd to Maria De’Neane Kidd. 2.096 acres in Mitchell Bluff Estates. $83

• Nancy B. Knott to Sarah A. Knott. Two lots in the Haymore Development in Mount Airy. $80

• Alan, Jan, Mark and Marla Patterson to Michael and Joan Sorrell. 116.746 acres in Surry County.. $869

• Celeste E. Hart and Richard L. Dillon to Richard L. Dillon. 1.58 acres in Surry County. $29

• Ashley and Thomas Dunning to Jeffery T. Wall and Rachel Arrington. Three lots in Franklin Heights in Mount Airy. $247

• Rebecca A. Horne to Jamie A. Buhagiar. Lot in North Country Club Hills in Mount Airy. $287

• Robert and Frances Richardson to Clayton A. Williams and Cayla M. Boyer. Two tracts in Mount Airy. $131

• Sonny and Mary Stanley to David L. Stanley. 2.234 acres in Marsh Township. $0

• Jeffrey and Deanne Fitzgerald to Elizabeth Mendoza Santiago and Christyan Santiago Gallardo. Lot in the Saddlebrook Subdivision in Dobson. $42

• Gary and Genevieve Craddock to Gary S. Craddock. 4.04 acres in Pilot Mountain. $0

• Stephen and Linda Erlandson to Marvin and Jill Wittkamper. Unit in the Brookside Village Condominiums in Elkin. $502

• Terry D. Hawks to Wendy L. Marion. Tract in Mount Airy. $218

Compiled by Andy Winemiller

[email protected]

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

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