Teen drama workshop stages show on Sunday

Members of the Teen Drama Workshop work with director Amanda Barnard.

The Surry Arts Council’s Teen Drama Workshop this weekend will bring “Alienated” to the stage, a production they’ve been working on since the first of the year.

“I am excited for them and I am excited for the audience to see them,” says Amanda Barnard, director. “Over the course of the workshop we’ve learned so much. They have honed their skills and risen to the challenge and I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished together.”

The cast of “Alienated” is: Olivia Dotson (Cammie), Alyssa Niten (Serena), Madison Lawson (Katie), Evan Barnard (Brian), Alex Jessup (Whitney), Daphne Dotson (Erika), Autumn Blakemore (Trevor), Lexi Watson (Abby), Breanna McNabb (Grace), Sydney Tucker (Amanda), Raegan Amos (Rosalind), Gwen Bode (Tina), Emma Collins (Erin), Will Banfield (Allen), Emma Hiatt (Liz), Caitlyn Price (Hillary), Emma Brady (Ashley), Robert Parks (Lawrence), Weatherly Reeves (Britney), Peyton Alexandria (Isabel), Molly Easter (Tasha), Jessica Smith (Darby), Jack Denny (Michael), Alex Bowers (Dan), and Landon Smith (Lloyd). Joining Barnard on the production team are Zoe Collins as the Assistant Director and Abby Brady as the Stage Manager.

Cammie gathers 24 members of her high school senior class one evening to solve the mystery of a bright light that appears on the same day once every six years. Her uncle always believed that one of the students is an alien and the light is a form of communication. Knowing the beacon will shine in just a few minutes, Cammie is bound and determined to identify the alien among them. As they all point fingers at one another, it seems each is both the accuser and the accused. No doubt, everyone has something weird to hide. Are these strange and unique characteristics truly alien or just part of being a teenager?

Alienated will show at 4 p.m. on Sunday in the Andy Griffith Museum Theatre. There is no admission fee. This production and the teen drama program are funded in part by the Cindi and Andy Griffith Endowment.

For additional information contact Antonia at (336) 786-7998 or antonia@surryarts.org.

Members of the Teen Drama Workshop work with director Amanda Barnard.
https://www.mtairynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/web1_TeenDramaWorkshop-1.jpgMembers of the Teen Drama Workshop work with director Amanda Barnard.
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