Hargrave to visit Surry Violin Making class


World-renowned violin maker Roger Hargrave will visit Surry Community College’s Violin Making – Violin Luthier class at the Center for Public Safety, 1220 State St., Mount Airy on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

He will be sharing his expertise on making Cremonese violins – those made using the traditions of the many historically renowned luthiers from Cremona, Italy.

Born in England, and relocated to Germany, Hargrave has spent almost 40 years involved in instrument making, reconstruction, and restoration, and has built a reputation for his ability to create instruments with exceptional tonal qualities.

He is recognized as one of the world’s leading copyists and has won many medals including a coveted gold at the International Triennale in Cremona, a competition often referred to as the Olympics of violin making, according to a statement issued by the college.

“With an expert capability of crafting and restoring fine stringed instruments, and a vast knowledge of the history of his craft, Hargrave has spent the past few decades in high demand as not only a luthier, but also a judge and lecturer at international violin conventions<” the college said. “Additionally, he has published many works discussing the history and working methods of classical Italian violin makers.

Surry’s Violin Making Instructor Joe Thrift is excited about the opportunity to welcome his friend and fellow luthier to the college. He said, “Any violin school in the world would be thrilled to have someone like Roger Hargrave speaking at it.”

Surry Community College offers several Violin Making classes throughout the year for those looking to commit a minimum of a year of work toward making a violin from scratch. Surry’s next Violin Making classes begin Aug. 8 and run through Dec. 6 with several class sections offered for those interested.

Advance registration and payment of $183 are required for the violin marketing classes. The cost of materials is not included, and all new students are required to pay a $116 supply fee. To register, call (336) 386-3398.

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