Real property transfers in Surry County

Compiled by Andy Winemiller -

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However, a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

• Ronald and Kathleen Levac to John and Frances Wooten. 31.09 acres in Surry County. $683

• Jason and Cassi Tate to Tony D. Kirby. 2.67 acres in Long Hill Township. $20

• Estate of Carolyn Louise Allen Smith to Mary Allen, Gloria Speaks and Steve and Shannon Smith. Lot in Pilot Mountain. $0

• Kimberly and Norbert Cooper and William and Brittany Kingery to Development 1213, LLC. Lot in the Orchard Mountain Development in Franklin Township. $16

• Pamela Ashburn Smith to Jesus and Brittany Hernandez. 1.03 acres in Pilot Mountain. $235

• S & B Properties, LLP to ZSB, LLC. Two tracts in Surry County. $324

• Nathan and Brandi Felts to Ashley and James Cooke. Three lots in Shoals. $480

• Robert and Toni Bumgarner to Barbara J. Sturgill. 0.03 acres in Elkin. $0

• Christiana Trust to Edward Hammond. 0.9 acres in Surry County. $189

• Elbert, Hassell and Nancy Watson to Alvis G. Bowers Jr. and Kevin S. Cockerham. 1.092 acres in Marsh Township. $124

• Barbara J. Sturgill to David and Dana Shepherd. 0.281 acres in Elkin. $100

• Chilton Ventures, LLC to BSA Trucking Inc. 22.298 acres in Dobson. $238

• Ace on Main, LLC to Christopher W. Groner. Tract in Elkin. $48

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Gary and Amber Hackler. Lot in Shoals.$0

• Tyler and Rebecca Morgan to Daniel and Ashley Hull. Tract in Stewarts Creek Township. $45

• Faye H. Comer to Janet Comer Chilton and Ricky and Tommy Comer. Tracts in Dobson. $0

• Silas and Margaret Smith to Melissa D. Hodges and Mitchell D. Smith. Two tracts in Stewarts Creek Township. $0

• Jerry, William and Pamela Snow to Terry G. Snow. 0.54 acres in Siloam Township. $0

• Terry G. Snow to Linda and Danny Poindexter. 0.54 acres in Siloam Township. $80

• Betty C. Fulk to Jason and Renee Davis. 5.445 acres in Pilot Mountain. $40

• Barbara and Jimmie Angel and Jane E. Boger to Jane E. Boger. 1.989 acres in Surry County. $18

• Thomas, John, Arthur and Dianna Forrest and Jo Lynn and Charles Johnson to William E. Johnson. Lot in Mount Airy. $207

• Nationstar Mortgage, LLC. to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. Lot in the White Pine Hill Subdivision. $0

• Durabull Inc. to Renee and Michael Kiser. Lot in the Downy Brooke Subdivision in Pilot Mountain. $54

• Ruben F. and Shirley Golding and Matthew, Katherine, Samuel and Emily Watkins to Mark and Amy Simmons. 1.64 acres in Surry County. $0

• Tommy L. Speer to Brent and Kent Speer. 21.17 acres in Franklin Township. $0

• Vera and Lawrence Ashburn, Sandra and Edward Nester, Judy A. Kirkman and Lisette A. Chenier to James A. Hunter. 0.486 acres in Mount Airy. $40

• Estate of Chrystal T. Simmons to Jonathan and Allie Willard. 35 acres in South Westfield. $355

• Gregory and Deborah Smith to Jon and Anna Angel. Two tracts in Mount Airy. $186

• Faye and Ralph Morris and Melinda and Melissa Riddle to Melinda G. Riddle and Penny A. Pritchett Dietrich. Tract in South Westfield. $100

• Wanda Matthews Lee, Carol and Larry Hutchens, James and Jeanette Matthews and Ann and Roger Chilton to Leona K. Turner and Timothy A. Mellon. 63.671 acres in Shoals. $613

• Heather Dehart to James and Andrea Dehart. Lot in Stewarts Creek Township. $0

• Deborah A. Eubanks to Ray D. Collins. Two lots in the Saxon Woods Subdivision. $0

• Samantha A. Miles and Michael W. Hanneman to Tristen Brannock. 0.696 acres in Stewarts Creek Township. $126

• Billy and Sharon Tucker to BSK Capital, LLC. 10.3081 acres in Eldora Township. $0

• Estate of Reba Hill Gordon to Jocelyn and Robert Tippett. 0.7852 acres in Windsor Park in Dobson. $334

• Pamela and Terry Anderson to Julius and Cynthia Potts. 8.819 acres in Rockford Township. $292

• Stephen and Ann Yokeley to Welcome Home Enterprises, LLC. Three tracts in Mount Airy. $0

• Barbara and Keith Penn to Jullian Penn. One acre in Franklin Township. $0

• Carolyn and James Pessolano to Hannah M. Wing. Two lots in Sunset Park in Elkin. $130

• Francisco and Karen Carbajal to Randy and Lisa Downing. Lot in Blue Ridge View Estates in Stewarts Creek Township. $41

• GCD Partners and Garnett R. Beasley to Dale and Ashley McKnight. Two lots in Spring Hill Estates in Dobson. $50

Compiled by Andy Winemiller

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

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