Police reports

• A truck was stolen this week from the Lowe’s hardware parking lot, according to Mount Airy Police Department reports. The white 1999 Chevrolet 3500, valued at $3,500 and bearing tag number CCY9528, was taken Monday along with a black ladder rack worth $2,000 and $1,500 in miscellaneous tools. Police records do not specify the manner in which the truck was stolen, including whether it was secured. This joins a number of other thefts of older-model vehicles in the city recently.

• Police were told Tuesday that counterfeit currency had been discovered the day before at Circle K on Rockford Street, where two bogus $20 bills were passed in exchange for items.

• Marcella Gila Lowery, 40, of 105 Pentecostal Church Road, was cited Monday for larceny, concealment of goods and second-degree trespassing after an incident at Lowes Foods, where Lowery allegedly stole four containers of Downy fabric products, Super PoliGrip and an energy drink. Further investigation revealed she also had concealed two Reese’s items in her jacket, with the merchandise valued altogether at nearly $50.

It further was discovered that the woman was banned from the store, leading to the trespassing offense. Lowery is scheduled to appear in Surry District Court on March 6.

• A larceny occurred on Jan. 25 in a parking area at Food Lion on West Pine Street, where an undisclosed sum of cash was stolen along with a black and purple pocketbook owned by Anita Lawrence Hull of Hull Farm Lane. The pocketbook valued at $100 was recovered.

• Multiple packages of batteries valued at $28 were stolen by an unknown suspect on Jan. 25 from Walgreens on Rockford Street, including an Energizer 9-volt two-pack and Walgreens hearing aid batteries.

• Police were told on Jan. 23 that a pair of Justin cowboy boots valued at $140 had been stolen from Tractor Supply Co. on Rockford Street earlier in the month by a known suspect.

• It was reported on Jan. 24 that a Coke machine had been pried open at Mount Airy Signs and Letters on Fancy Gap Road. This caused damage of $200 to the door and locking mechanism and involved the theft of about $40 in paper currency.

• A report of a similar incident was made on Jan. 24 regarding a Coke dispenser at Mayberry Country on North Main Street downtown. That device also received $200 in damage to its door and locking mechanism, with $32 in currency listed as stolen.

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