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Stokes County Sheriff’s Office

DOBSON — A Dobson woman accused of embezzling from a youth cheerleading league entered into an agreement with prosecutors that may help her avoid a felony conviction.

Sherri Mosley, 37, of Windsor Park Drive, Dobson, faced seven counts of embezzlement and one count of felony obstruction of justice.

Indictments returned in August 2016 accused Mosley of pocketing about $1,200 belonging to Dobson Eagles Little League Cheerleading while serving as the club’s president.

In a Superior Court hearing held Thursday, all charges were dismissed with leave with the exception of a single count of felony embezzlement, according to court documents.

The deferred prosecution agreement includes an “admission of responsibility” for the crime, according to court documents.

If Mosley complies with the terms of the agreement, the embezzlement charge will be dismissed.

If she fails to comply, a judgment will be entered and Mosley’s admission of responsibility can be used against her as evidence of guilt.

A review of the case is scheduled for July 2018.

In the meantime, Mosley is ordered to pay $1,739.22 in restitution and court costs within 30 days.

She was also ordered to complete 18 months of supervised probation and 75 hours of community service within 180 days.

“In my opinion, everything went great on it,” said Dobson Police Chief Shawn Myers, whose department first arrested Mosley in October 2015 on a single felony embezzlement charge.

“We really appreciate the help of the Iredell County district attorney’s office,” Myers said.

The investigation begun in Dobson was transferred to a financial crimes specialist with the N.C. Conference of District Attorney’s Financial Crimes Initiative but was dismissed in December 2015.

That dismissal, signed by special prosecutor William Scott Harkey, stated that the prosecution lacked sufficient evidence to warrant prosecution.

However, the investigation continued under Iredell County prosecutor Elizabeth Harkey and the new and additional charges went straight to indictment in August 2016.

Those documents accused Mosley of embezzling a total of $1,264.22 on seven different occasions in 2015.

The felony obstruction of justice indictment accuses Mosley of “creating and presenting fraudulent receipts and invoices for ATM withdrawals to attempt to cover up her illegal embezzlement from Dobson Eagles Little League Cheerleading,” according to court documents. “After she had been charged with felony embezzlement, the defendant presented these fraudulent receipts and invoices to Assistant District Attorney Scott Harkey for the purpose of dismissal of the felony embezzlement charge.”

In general, charges dismissed “with leave” may be reinstated at a later time, District Attorney Ricky Bowman said.

Mosley Stokes County Sheriff’s Office

By Terri Flagg

Reach Terri Flagg at 415-4734.

Reach Terri Flagg at 415-4734.

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