Property transfers

Compiled by Andy Winemiller -

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However, a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

• Walter R. Reddick Jr. to Zachary E. Fish. Lot in Surrey Ridge Estates. $620

• Lisa R. Creed to Leopoldo Ramos. 0.36 acres in Mount Airy. $140

• James and Ruby Uldrick to Cynthia Penny. Lot in Mount Airy. $0

• Deborah and Venancia Torres to Sarah Torres. 10.001 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Christopher and Holly Johnson to Breana R. Largen. Lot in Eldora Township. $246

• Ruby L. Cartwright to Joseph and Shari York. o.666 acres on Butler Street. $360

• Janet and Trent Childress to Patrick A. Gay. Tract in Stewarts Creek Township. $204

• Walter and Shelby Hawkins to Richard and Sandra Wallace. 4.616 acres in Mount Airy. $664

• Local Government Federal Credit Union to Robert and Debra Post. Lot in the Mountain View Subdivision. $234

• Sarah and Sam Parigi to Nancy G. Fulp. Tract in Elkin. $146

• Dwight and Anne Peck to John and Amanda Heath. 0.364 acres in Elkin. $280

• Linda Urbano and Lorene E. Hundley Long. 2.3435 acres in Stewarts Creek Township. $87

• Herman and Barbara Horton to Keaven and Kerry Horton. Tract in Mount Airy. $0

• Jayme and Vickie Inman to Amanda L. Pardue. Lots in Mount Airy. $0

• Estate of Gary Dale Inman to Jayme D. Inman. Tracts in Mount Airy. $0

• Mallie I. Sechrist to Charles M. Seachrist. 0.53 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Walter G. Jessup to Ranch Lake Estates 37, LLC. 8.5 acres in Westfield Township. $70

• Amanda and Aaron Pardue to Franklin D. Goins. Lots in Mount Airy. $30

• Joel and Kha Rose to Granite City ABK, LLC. Tract in Mount Airy. $0

• Walter H. Collins to Watson Investment Properties, LLC. 0.58 acres in Dobson. $12

• Dennis, Michael, Joseph, Penny and Laurie Culler, Debra and Ronald Shelton and Rebecca and Justin Wells to James C. Hodges. Tract in Mount Airy. $120

• Cheryl A. Proctor to David S. Mathis and Kelsey D. Killon. Two lots in Pilot Mountain. $316

• Harvey and Mary Jessup to Mark L. Leake. 2.616 acres in Pilot Mountain. $408

• Melina H. Solomon to Samuel and Christine Pack. Tract in Westfield Township. $22

• Dove and John Hunter to Randy D. Tucker. Six tracts in Surry County. $0

• James T. Henson Revocable Trust to Darius and Brandi Holder. 15.55 acres in Franklin Township. $180

• Amber and Christopher Tolbert to Thomas and Susan Snook. Lot in Mount Airy. $260

• Billie R. Goins Jr. to Christopher and Amber Tolbert. 1.99 acres in Mount Airy. $348

• Bryan and Regina Shaw to Roy L. Holton. Lot in Pilot Mountain. $299

• Bryan J. Hall to Judy G. Pettius. Unit in Pilot Echo Condominiums in Pilot Mountain. $284

• Conrad C. Easter to Jonathan and Malinda Riggs. Tract in Westfield Township. $0

• Bobby and Cindy Osbourne and D. Todd and Sharon Scearce to Phillip and Jean Lyles. 0.158 acres in Elkin. $8

• Bobby and Cindy Osbourne and D. Todd and Sharon Scearce to Covenant Builders of the Carolinas Inc. 1.133 acres in Elkin. $84

• Jimmie and Shelby Bobbitt to Guy Carman and Karen C. Ocenas. 6.708 acres in Stewarts Creek Township. $61

• Emily S. White to Brittany Myers. 15,406 sq. ft. in Bryan Township. $188

• Refuge Community Church of Elkin Inc. to Western North Carolina Conference. 5.578 acres in Elkin. $70

• Western North Carolina Conference to Bobby and Jennifer Mathis. 5.578 acres in Elkin. $50

• Whitaker Family Properties, LLC to the Jimmie J. Whitaker Revocable Trust. 34.253 acres in Shoals. $0

• Live Well Financial Inc. to Ecksclusive Properties II, LLC. Lot in the Woodcreek Development. $97

• Lloyd and Eleanor Mast to Anthony and Deborah Wampler. 0.59 acres in Elkin. $332

• Ray and Lou White to Larry S. Evans. Tract in Surry County. $50

• Granvel and Brenda Boyd to Walter and Eva Meredith. Two lots in Mount Airy. $4

• Estate of Sherrill B. Jones to the Marion Land Company Inc. 1.0717 acres in Surry County. $94

• James and Zelda George to David and Cindy George. 81.86 acres in Westfield Township. $0

Compiled by Andy Winemiller

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

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