September was hotter than usual

Staff Report

The scientific validity of global warming continues to be hotly debated, but some evidence for it might have surfaced in Mount Airy during September when the average temperature was 4 degrees higher than usual.

That figure, 72.1 degrees, was the reason why those extra beads of perspiration might have shown up on everyone’s brow. Normally, the mercury averages a more-comfortable 68.1 degrees during the ninth month of the year in Mount Airy, where weather records have been kept since 1924.

One factor for the hotter outcome was the high temperature for September, 91 degrees.

But that high didn’t occur on a single day, as is typical, but six days in all — from Sept. 8-11, on Sept. 15 and on Sept. 25, according to a monthly statistical breakdown from F.G. Doggett Water Plant, the city’s official weather-monitoring station.

Meanwhile, the monthly low of 54 degrees was logged on both Sept. 6 and 7.

Last month also was a little wetter than normal for September here, with 3.97 inches measured at the water plant. The average rainfall in Mount Airy during that month is 3.90 inches.

Measurable amounts occurred on eight of September’s 30 days. The highest for one day, 1.66 inches, was registered on the last day of the month.

For the year, as of Sept. 30, Mount Airy has received 40.37 inches of precipitation, 4.81 inches — or 13.5 percent — above the normal output at that point locally, 35.56 inches.

Fog was noted on two days last month.

Staff Report