Property transfers

Compiled by Terri Flagg -

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However, a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

• John C. and Betty S. Westra to Thomas E. and Janie M. Westra. 11.055 acres in Elkin. $0

• John C. and Betty S. Westra to Mary Kim and John C. Westra Jr. 11.06 acres in Elkin. $0

• Johnathan L. and Susan R. Harrell to Hayday Investments, LLC. 1.369 acres. $0

• Jonathan C. and Bethany Swaim to Steve C. Swaim. 6.7 acres in Elkin. $36

• Saundra W. Spillman to James Kevin Hart. 0.755 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cathlene Hernandez. 1.13 acres in Westfield. $0

• Carolyn Barnes and Billy James Gentry Jr. to Orlando Segura Gomez. 2.17 acres in Bryan. $30

• Shelby C. Crook to Jessica Roman. Two tracts in Marsh. $410

• Adam Scott and Tammy T. Delp to Robert D. and Margaret E. Milbourn. Two tracts in Westfield. $1,578

• Sandra Felts to Redoak Development LLC. 0.20 acres in Mount Airy. $70

• Sandra Martin Moore Revocable Trust to William F. Holdaway and Xochilth Hernandez Morales. Lot in Mount Airy. $200

• Dale Oliver and Cheryl Tolbert Boles to Jason M. and Cassi M. Tate. 4.742 acres in Long Hill. $14

• Anthony B. and Stephanie J. Childs to Andrew Goins. 0.5 acres in Mount Airy. $152

• Sidney M. and Barbara J. Marion to Ramon Torres Mata and Guadaulupe Ramirez Pinon. Tract in Mount Airy. $54

• Barbara Wright Wall Personal Trust to Heather Cook and Neal Franklin Willard. 2.16 acres in Pilot Mountain. $70

• Bryan Todd and Lila Michele Matthews to Justin E. Smith. Lot in Downy Brook Subdivision. $574

• Rex Joel and Donna T. Marion to Eric C. Easter. Tract in Dobson. $70

• John Russell Forrest to Cody Edwards. Condo in Mount Airy. $280

• Arsco Storage, LLC to Beretta Investments, LLC. 7.432 acres. $3,000

• Bobby G. and Nancy M. Hawks to Barrett and Brandi Robertson Holder. Two tracts in Franklin. $76

• Jason Gray and Denise Michelle Hawks to Barrett and Brandi Robertson Holder. 1.2929 acres in Franklin. $8

• Phyllis A. Barton West to Logan G. and Olivia C. Snow. Tract in Franklin. $110

• Dale Francis and Ann Bartz Potter to Colin B. and Ashlie S. Potter. 5.074 acres in Pilot Mountain. $0

• Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Tract Quillie A. Pack Estate. $0

• Helen A. and W.W. Faulk Jr., Lois A. and Llewelyn Folger and Charles E. Raynal III, to G. Marquis and Nikki C. Greene. Five tracts in Bryan. $550

• Victoria May York to Donna C. Adams. Condo in Mount Airy. $220

• Pauline Jones Pardue to Teresa P. Davis. Three tracts in Mount Airy. $0

• Hilton Leggett to Hilton Leggett Irrevocable Trust, Kenneth H. Legett trustee. Two tracts. $0

• Bar None Properties, LLC to Adele and Daniel S. Gibson. Tract. $140

• Roger W. and Rita Hulthen to Robin and Karen Chandler. 0.908 acres in Elkin. $226

• Lisa Ann Marion to Lisa Ann Marion and James Ray Browder. 2.5 acres in Dobson. $0

• Russell L. and Barbara J. Beck to Tommy and Vonda Shaw. 5.062 acres in Long Hill. $0

• Brenda C. Brintle to Zachary Thomas Creed. Two tracts in Dobson. $90

• C. Steve and Clare Swaim to Steven L. and Svetlana V. Royal. 6.7 acres in Elkin. $30

• Keith Dwayne and Reva S. Cox to Craig Robert and Nicole Danielle Cox Jacobs. 3.209 acres in Longhill. $0

• CMH Homes, INC., to Corey L. Hethcoat. Lot in Rockford. $0

• William Andrew and Elizabeth Gilley Hawks to Candida McCollum-Hill. 0.958 acres in Pilot Mountain. $364

• Estate of Audrey S. Slate to John L. Williams 2015 Irrevocable Trust. Tract in Mount Airy. $0

• Ronnie L., Sharon Kay and Howard M. Chamblin to Marcus R. Smith. Lot in Bannertown Hills. $163

• Billy Gray and Rita H. Johnson to Bill and Gayle Branch Patton. 1.05 acres in Stewarts Creek. $25

• Billy Gray and Rita H. Johnson to Landon Clay and Ashley Brooke East. 3.92 acres in Stewarts Creek. $0

• Gerald Prevette to Steven L. and Svetlana Royal. 1.99 acres. $22

• Sara Catherine, Cathy and Dennis Wilmoth to Philip Martin White. 0.120 acres in Dobson. $2

• Patrick Reavis and Marilyn Guyer to Philip Martin White. 0.462 acres in Dobson. $4

• Davis Brothers Farms to CMH Homes, Inc. 1 acre in Dobson. $16

• John Earle and Euna Faye Weddle to Gina Fletcher. Lots in Mount Airy. $0

• Pet, LLC to MADP Elkin, LLC. 1.574 acres in Elkin. $700

• Claire E. Lawson to Claire E. Lawson and Lillianna Lawson Sox. 48.39 acres in Dobson. $0

Compiled by Terri Flagg

Reach Terri at 415-4734.

Reach Terri at 415-4734.

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