Health Department Inspections

Health Department Inspections is a regular listing of inspections conducted in Surry County establishments by North Carolina health officials. The listing includes restaurants, schools, day care facilities, adult care and other facilities. The listings give the health inspector score, if applicable, along with the text of their findings in their words.

East Surry High School building, 708 W. Main St., Pilot Mountain. Inspected June 2. Violations: 1) Toilet facilities: Walls and ceilings clean, nonabsorbent, washable, and in good repair 30#; fixtures clean and in good repair 40#; floors impervious, kept clean 30#. Repair toilet seats in the boys and girls restrooms that have been damaged by cigarette burns. Repair the ceiling in the boys and girls bathroom in the vocational building. Clean the ceiling in the boys bathroom in the vocational building and science wing. Clean the walls near the sinks in the field house varsity locker room bathroom and freshmen academy boys bathroom. Clean the toilet bowls in the field house JV locker room bath. Clean the base of the urinals in the science wing boys bathroom. Repair the first toilet in the freshmen academy boys bathroom that does not flush.

2) Storage spaces: Clean 20#; storage off floor 20#. Keep all storage at least 15 inches off of the floor. Storage was found on the floor in the field house gym, JV shower room, gym equipment storage rooms, science mechanical room and the girls locker room. Dust the white boards in room 36, 23 and the nursing room. Clean the lower cabinets in the freshmen academy teachers lounge and room 23.

3) Lighting and ventilation: Fixtures, grills, vents, blinds, drapes, etc., clean and in good repair 40#. Clean the window seals in room 17, 9 and 23. Clean the window seal in the freshmen academy teachers lounge.

4) Dressing rooms and showers: Floors, walls, and ceilings clean, in good repair, washable, non-absorbent 30#; fixtures clean, in good repair 40#; facilities for storage of clothes provided, kept clean 20#; soap and towel 10*. Repair the ceiling in the gym womens locker room where the it is damaged above the showers. Clean the tops of the lockers in the gym womens locker room.

5) Premises neat, clean 30#; no vector breeding or harborage 20#; pesticides and other toxic materials properly handled and stored 30*. All chemicals with the exception of hand soap, hand sanitizers, and hand lotions must be stored according to the chemicals labels. In a high school setting, “keep out of the reach of children” requires that all toxic chemicals be kept under some type of lock. Storing chemicals in this manner is inconvenient, but safe. Violations were seen in the music room, science wing faculty mens restroom and the lobby teachers lounge.

East Surry High School lunch room, 708 W. Main St., Pilot Mountain. Inspected June 2. Score, 98.5. Violations: 1) Food-contact surfaces: cleaned and sanitized: Equipment Food-Contact Surfaces and Utensils-Frequency – C – The ice machine had mold build-up inside of the cabinet behind the splash guard today. Clean the ice machine at a frequency to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria build-up.

Elkin High School lunch room, 334 Elk Spur St., Elkin. Inspected May 31, score 97.5. Violations: 1) Proper eating, tasting, drinking, or tobacco use: Eating, Drinking, or Using Tobacco – C — Employee drinks must have lids and straws and must be kept below food, food prep surfaces, clean multi-use utensils, single-service items, and clean linens. The drinks were stored properly today, but one drink was not consumed through a straw. If you choose not to drink from a straw, you may use a cup that has a lid and a handle on the side. The handle will help keep your hand away from your mouth when drinking. This was corrected by educating the employee.

2) Handwashing sinks, supplied and accessible: Handwashing Sinks-Location and Placement: Handwashing Sinks states the following: “A HANDWASHING SINK shall be located: (A) To allow convenient use by EMPLOYEES in FOOD preparation, FOOD dispensing, and WAREWASHING areas; and (B) In, or immediately adjacent to, toilet rooms.”—The closest handwash sink to the employee toilet room is not in or adjacent to the toilet room. I highly recommend placing a handwash sink in or adjacent to the toilet room to meet the new code this summer. The employees have demonstrated a very good hand hygiene policy that will suffice until then.

3) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Floors, Walls and Ceilings-Cleanability – C — Sand and paint any chipping areas on the walls, corners, and wall shelves in the dining room (senior dining, main dining, etc.). There was some improvement here.

Food Lion #944 deli, 647 E. South Key St., Pilot Mountain. Score 97, Violations: Handwashing sinks, supplied and accessible: Hand Drying Provision – PF- There were no paper towels at the time of inspection at the main handwash. There needs to be a means to properly dry hands at all times. Cdi by placing paper towels in the dispenser.

2) Personal cleanliness: Prohibition-Jewelry – C- Only a plain wedding band may be worn on the hands and arms of foodservice employees. At the time of inspection, an employee had on several rings.

3) Equipment, food and non-food-contact surfaces approved; cleanable, properly designed, constructed and used: Good Repair and Proper Adjustment-Equipment – C- At the time of inspection, the soapy water compartment on the utensil sink was leaking when the sink was filled. Repair the stopper gasket so the sink remains full and doesn’t lose water. Replace the split gaskets on the walk-in cooler and freezer. Repair the leak in the bottom of the meat display case. Check on the water heater.

4) Non-food-contact surfaces clean: Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils – C- Clean deli case and deli case runners. Clean shelving. Clean prep table shelving and drawers. Clean inside the proofers. Clean speed racks.

Infidel Ink tattoo artists, 719 Old Barn Circle, Pilot Mountain. Inspected June 1. Violations: 1) Lavatory: individual scrub brushes and fingernail files or orange sticks provided for each artist Purchase a new scrub brush before tattooing.

2) Tattooing procedures: tattoo cleaned and sterile dressing applied The bandages used for the finishes tattooing would not be considered sterile. Purchase sterile bandages before beginning tattooing.

Ink House Tattoo Shoppe, 687 1 N. Franklin Rd., Mount Airy. Inspected June 2. Violations: None.

Mount Airy Elks Lodge seasonal swimming pool, 240 Elks Drive, Mount Airy. Inspected June 6. Violations: 1) Pool maintenance: diving equipment, ladders, steps and handrails properly placed, in good repair The diving board is missing the label specifying the manufacturer’s name and address, board length, type of diving board, and fulcrum setting specifications, if applicable.

2) Equipment room: valves and pipes identified by color codes or labels Label all valves on the pump system. Relabel the direction of water flow on the pipes.

Surry Central High School lunch, 716 S. Main St., Dobson. Inspected June 3, score 97.5. Violations: 1) Proper hot holding temperatures Hamburgers were found on the serving line and in the hot hold unit with a temperature below 135 degrees F. Fries were found on the lobby serving line with a temperature below 135 degrees F. Keep all potentially hazardous foods at or above 135 degrees F. when holding them hot. The food items were voluntarily thrown away to correct the violation.

2) Insects and rodents not present; no unauthorized animals: Controlling Pests – C – Several flies were present in the kitchen today. Exterminate the flies.

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