Property transfers

Compiled by Terri Flagg -

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However, a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

• David M. Singleton to Jana G. Singleton. Two tracts in Elkin. $0.

• Roger Bryan and Kelly Jackson Waters to Reella M. and Sharron L. Ball. 1.830 acres in Elkin. $225

• Estate of Chrystal T. Simmons to Evelyn Faye Pell. 1.24 acres in South Westfield. $107

• Jarod B. and Dena N. Wood to Jacob H. and Keisha L. Wood. Two lots in Stewarts Creek. $324

• Mark Brandon Danley to Shannon Elaine and Mark B. Danley. 1.171 acres in Eldora. $0

• Hull Brothers Lumber Company, Inc. to John Anthony and Patricia Webb Butera. 119.36 acres in Stewarts Creek. $700

• Richard and April Raenette Willard to Roy A. and Jean A. Culler. Lot in Stewarts Creek. $96

• Eddie and Vickie Brown to Maria Micaela Garcia Trejo. 1.0189 acres in Franklin. $47

• Brenda A. Butcher and Judy K. Kenny to Archie Wade Butcher. 1.5057 acres in Franklin. $0

• Perimeter Point Properties, LLC to Little Yadkin Farm, LLC. 21.680 square feet in Rockford. $110

• Steven A. and Cathy Sees Buzzard to Jason and Scarlet R. Easter. 4.17 acres in Mount Airy. $53

• Ashley Fenton Hinson Jr. and Georgia C. Hinson to Clara W. Refit. Lots in Pilot Mountain. $400

• William Grayson Collins, Robert Lavon and Mary Ellen Collins Handlon to Alice M. Mills and Terry J. Cruey. Tract in Mount Airy. $90

• Garry E. and Barbara W. Nelson to James William and Breanna Kresge. Two parcels in Pilot Mountain. $430.

• Sheri Weddle Norman and William F. Norman Jr. to Patrick Tobin Sturm. 0.71 acres in Westfield. $323

• Thomas Chad Freeman to Genaro Gonzalez. 1 acre in Bryan. $26

• Watson Investment Properties to Angel Felipe Gonzalez and Vivian Yojana Morales. 2.48 acres in Stewarts Creek. $210

• Donna Marie Beasley to Katherine Ann Pauley, Michael, Andrew Gray and Gerald Dean Beasley and Diane Beasley Smith. 17 acres Stewarts Creek. $0

• James Taylor Boyd to James K. Boyd. 1.99 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Joan Shelton Phillips to Sheldon W. and Janice O. Stanley. Two tracts in Mount Airy. $418

• Branch Banking and Trust Company to Corinna Dollyhigh and Anthony Sawyers. 4.68 acres in Eldora. $210

• Walter Gray and Pamela J. Draughn to Jill Draughn Tucker. 5.139 acres in Eldora. $0

• Phyllis Carol and Milfred G. Hudson to Yvonne Hudson. 0.81 acres in Stewarts Creek. $0

• Michele Crews to Debbie Beamer. Unit in Hazlenut Plantation Condominiums. $349

• Tony Transou to Bonnie Shelton and Sandra Scott. Two tracts in Mount Airy. $0

• Glenda E. Mears to Ronnie Lee Mears. 1.46 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• William H. and Pamela J. Glover to Tray and Regina Hutchens. 2.02 acres in Eldora. $290

• Diane Lee and Johnny M. Forrest to Desiree and Mark C. Hausam. Tract in Mount Airy. $251

• Estate of Richard Dale Marion to Brenda B. Marion. 2 acres in Dobson. $0

• Christopher T. Royall to Bobby J. Osborne and D. Todd Scearce. 2,100 square feet in Elkin. $84

• Deborah L. Friedman to Derrick Brian Clifton. 0.737 acres in Mount Airy. $616

• Karen N. and Harvey H. Vaughn, Kenneth D., Kevin Ray and Leslie D. Newsome to Terry Dean Lyalls. Lots in Mount Airy. $270

• Eunice Blackburn Gough to Chad Grayson and Coby Grey Gough. Two tracts in Stewarts Creek. $0

• Joshua Cole, Jerry Ray and Joann Mears to Scottie Lee Davis. 7.94 acres in Dobson. $120

• Debbie G. and Richard Lane Inman Jr. to Phillip R. and Andrea Gaye McCraw. 3.95 acres in Westfield. $72

Compiled by Terri Flagg

Reach Terri at 415-4734.

Reach Terri at 415-4734.