Health Department Inspections

Health Department Inspections is a regular listing of inspections conducted in Surry County establishments by North Carolina health officials. The listing includes restaurants, schools, day care facilities, adult care and other facilities. The listings give the health inspector score, if applicable, along with the text of their findings in their words.

Peace Lily 103 residential care, 103 Peace Lily Lane, Dobson. Inspected April 29. Violations: 1) Food supplies protection: All food clean, wholesome, no spoilage: Adequate during storage/preparation/serving, potentially hazardous food 45° or 140°F above; refrigerators with temps; meat products cooked; meat products handled as required, no re-serving food; food stored above floor protected; No animals. Cereal and bread was found in an open bag in the pantry. Keep all dry foods in a sealed container or otherwise protected. The food items were re-packaged to correct the violation.

2) Toilet: Handwashing: Laundry and bathing facilities: Toilet, lavatory and bathing facilities adequate; fixtures in good repair and kept clean; soap and towels provided. Clean the toilet on the east side bathroom. Clean the shower curtain in all bathrooms. Repair the shower that has a hole under the shower head in the west side bathroom. Clean the hair from the east side shower.

3) Beds: Linen: Furniture: All furniture, mattresses, linen, drapes, blinds and similar items in good repair and clean; bed linen changed as required; clean and soiled linens properly stored and handled; repair the mattress in the front west room.

4) Walls and ceilings: In good repair 1; kept clean: Clean the walls and ceiling near the air vents throughout the facility.

5) Lighting and ventilation: Windows and fixtures in good repair; kept clean.

Pilot Mountain Enp elderly nutrition, 873 Old Hwy 52, Pilot Mountain. Inspected April 28, score 100. Violations: None.

Ruby Tuesday #4850, 2139 Rockford St., Mount Airy. Inspected April 28, score 96. Violations: 1) Food-contact surfaces: cleaned and sanitized: Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils – P- Observed stored chopper and slicer with dried food debris. Properly clean and sanitize utensils before storing. Cdi by sending to dish. 3-comp food prep sink needed cleaning and sanitizing. Cdi by cleaning. Clean the dipper well. CDI. Equipment Food-Contact Surfaces and Utensils-Frequency – P- Dried blood inside the meat drawers. Change out the meat drawer pans every 24 hours. CDI by sending to dish.

2) Proper date marking and disposition: Ready-To-Eat Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Date Marking – PF- Observed shredded lettuce that was not date marked in the walk-in cooler. Ready-to-eat TCS foods if stored more than 24 hours must be dated marked. Observed a container of food (cooked peppers and onions) That was dated with the prep date instead of the discard date. Date marking needs to be consistent. Ready-To-Eat Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Disposition – P- Observed mashed potatoes, artichokes, and soup that was stored past the discard date. Rte tcs foods may only be held for 7 days. Cdi by discarding the food.

3) Non-food-contact surfaces clean: Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils – C- Clean tops and facings of equipment for dust and grease. Clean inside refrigeration, gaskets and along drawer rails. Clean refrigeration and dry food shelving. Clean inside fryer cabinets. Clean bottom prep table shelves.

4) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions – C- Clean floors under equipment and in the walk-in coolers. Clean walls throughout. Clean light shields. Repairing-Premises, Structures, Attachments, and Fixtures-Methods – C- RE-Grout floors where needed. Sand and paint floor drains and grates that are rusty. Clean walls throughout. Repair walls of the service sink.

Shorty’s Country Store, 7063 Siloam Rd., Siloam. Inspected April 28, score 96.5. Violations: 1) Food-contact surfaces: cleaned and sanitized: Manual and Mechanical Warewashing Equipment, Chemical Sanitization-Temperature, pH, Concentration and Hardness – P – The wiping cloth bucket tested below 50ppm chlorine. Keep all sanitizer between 50 and 200ppm chlorine. The wiping cloth bucket was re-made to correct the violation.

2) Proper cold holding temperatures: Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Hot and Cold Holding – P – Several potentially hazardous foods were found in the reach in cooler with a temperature above 45 degrees F. Keep all potentially hazardous foods at or below 45 degrees F. when holding them cold. All temperature abused items were voluntarily thrown away. I will return in 10 days to ensure that the reach in cooler is maintaining temperatures at or below 45 degrees F.

3) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions – C – Clean the exhaust vents in the men’s bathroom that has build-up on it. Clean the floors at the base of the wall near the dish washing sink and in the back dry storage room.

Starlite Skate Center, 804 Fowler Rd., Mount Airy. Inspected April 27, score 99. Violations: 1) Non-food-contact surfaces clean: Nonfood Contact Surfaces – C — Clean all nonfood contact surfaces, where needed (top of equipment, inside of the merchandise cooler, inside of the bun warmer, underneath the hot dog roller, etc.). The protective film around the bottom shelf of the prep table is beginning to peel, which can create an area that is not easily cleanable.

2) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Floors, Walls and Ceilings-Cleanability – C — There is some wall damage in the water heater storage room that should be repaired (tears in the material). Walls and Ceilings, Attachments – C — The toilet paper dispensers are duct-taped to keep closed. These dispensers should be replaced.

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