Former White Plains resident to serve several years for drug trafficking

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Surry County Courthouse

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DOBSON — A Texas man was imprisoned and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine after pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges in Surry County Superior Court this month.

Court documents indicate the defendant, Abrajam Martinez Hernandez, 50, is formerly of White Plains. He was charged for offenses allegedly occurring in December 2009.

Last week, he pleaded guilty to two counts of trafficking methamphetamine and possession with intent to sell or deliver methamphetamine.

Two additional counts of trafficking methamphetamine and one count each of manufacturing methamphetamine and maintaining a drug dwelling or vehicle were dismissed through a plea agreement.

Hernandez was given a 70- to 84-month (5.8 to 7 year) sentence with 537 days (1.4 years) credit for time served.

In North Carolina, drug trafficking convictions carry mandatory fines that vary according to the felony class and date of the offense.

In other recent court action:

• On July 12, John Chatham Hatcher, 49, of Wards Gap Road, Mount Airy, pleaded guilty to felony counts of possession of cocaine, uttering forged instrument, larceny of a motor vehicle and misdemeanor charges of assault on a female, resisting a public officer, possession of marijuana up to one-half ounce and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Through a plea agreement, a habitual felon status and possession of a stolen motor vehicle charge were dismissed.

He was given three consecutive active sentences of 10 to 21 months, 20 to 33 months with 94 days credit for time served and 10 to 21 months.

Work release was recommended on the first judgment, with earnings to go toward restitution.

• A Dobson woman’s record of success on probation helped her in a violation hearing on July 11. Synthia Lou Wilson, 29, of Wilmoth Road, had been placed on supervised probation for an Allegheny County conviction.

She was issued a violation in May involving monies owed on her case.

Her Surry County probation officer and attorney made Presiding Judge A. Moses Massey aware that Wilson was employed and otherwise in full compliance, to the extent that she had been recognized for being an outstanding probationer in the district’s incentive programs.

Massey noted that in life, “there ain’t no free lunch,” but acknowledged Wilson’s success while supporting children and battling medical issues.

“I do think that mercy should be extended,” he said.

The judge remitted all the money owed on Wilson’s case except $150.

“The law-abiding citizens of North Carolina should not have to pay for her lawyer or court costs,” he said, ordering Wilson to pay a minimum of $10 per month.

“You’re to strive to pay whatever you can,” he said.

If Wilson fails to meet the monthly obligation, a violation and order for arrest will be issued with a $10,000 minimum secured bond.

• Amanda Dawn Hodges, 25, of Austin Drive, Mount Airy, denied violating the terms of her supervised probation, but the court found her in willful violation.

Hodges had received a suspended 13- to 25-month sentence and placed was on supervised probation for 30 months for a January 2014 conviction for selling methamphetamine.

For the violation, Hodges was ordered to serve a 90-day Confinement in Response to Violation (CRV).

• Probation was revoked for Rex Edward Smith, 49, of Rockford Street, Mount Airy on July 12. Smith received a suspended six- to 17-month sentence after pleading guilty to manufacture of a schedule II controlled substance in November 2015 and had been placed on supervised probation for 24 months. For the violation, he was ordered to serve that sentence in prison less 99 days credit for time served.

• Cody Lee Stewart, 24, of Willis Road, Mount Airy, was imprisoned for six to 17 months after admitting to absconding while on probation. Stewart had been convicted of obtaining property by false pretense in December 2014. He was given credit for 153 days served when his sentence was activated.

• Joseph Oliver Thomas, 20, of South Ridge Place, Mount Airy, admitted to a probation violation on July 11 and was ordered to serve a 90-day CRV. Thomas had pleaded guilty to breaking and entering a motor vehicle in March.

• Nathan Dean Wray, 26, of Glenn Creed Lane, Mount Airy, was ordered to serve a 90-day CRV after admitting to a probation violation on July 11. Wray was given a suspended 13- to 25-month sentence after pleading guilty to sale or delivery of a schedule II controlled substance in November 2015.

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By Terri Flagg

Reach Terri Flagg at 415-4734.

Reach Terri Flagg at 415-4734.

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