Health Department Inspections

Health Department Inspections is a regular listing of inspections conducted in Surry County establishments by North Carolina health officials. The listing includes restaurants, schools, day care facilities, adult care and other facilities. The listings give the health inspector score, if applicable, along with the text of their findings in their words.

Mountain Park Elementary School lunch room, 505 Mountain park Rd., State Road. Inspected April 13, score 99. Violation: Plumbing installed; proper backflow devices: System Maintained in Good Repair – C- The plumbing system shall be maintained in good repair. The dishwasher draining into the floor. Need to have the plumbing checked for blockages that are not allowing the water to properly drain.

Mountain Park Pre K child care, 505 Mountain park Rd.. Inspected April 13. Violation: Equipment, non-food contact surfaces clean; in good repair: Clean tops of equipment for dust in the kitchen. Dishwasher needs to properly discharge into plumbing instead of spilling onto the floor. Repair.

Shoals Elementary School lunch room, 1800 Pinnacle. Inspected April 14, score 100. Violations: None

Shoals Pre K child care, 1800 Pinnacle. Inspected May 9. Violations: 1) Hot water supplied and maintained as required in all other areas: Water in the classroom at 67 F. Water should be between 80-110 F.

2) Properly sized, located, accessible, and in good repair; sinks, toilets and potty chairs cleaned and disinfected: Continue replacing faucets in the hallway bathrooms.

3) Easily cleanable, clean, and in good repair; carpets vacuumed as required and extraction cleaned; date cleaned___________: Walls need painting in the boys and girls hallway bathrooms.

Snappy Lunch, 125 N. Main St., Mount Airy, Invited April 11, score 97.5. Violations: 1) Food-contact surfaces: cleaned and sanitized: Equipment Food-Contact Surfaces and Utensils-Frequency – C – The ice machine at the upper wait station area had mold build-up inside of the cabinet today. Clean the ice machine at a frequency to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria build-up. Manual and Mechanical Warewashing Equipment, Chemical Sanitization-Temperature, pH, Concentration and Hardness – P – One of the three wiping cloth buckets tested below 50ppm chlorine. Keep all sanitizer prepared between 50 and 200ppm chlorine. The sanitizer was re-made to correct the violation.

2) Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied and cleaned: Cleaning of Plumbing Fixtures – C – Clean the bases of the toilets and urinal in all restrooms. Clean around the lid hinge on the toilet in the men’s restroom.

3) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Repairing-Premises, Structures, Attachments, and Fixtures-Methods – C – Repair the floor at the upper wait station area where floor tiles are cracked. Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions – C – Clean the fan at the front grill where lint build-up has formed.

Surry Head Start child care, 389 Jenkinstown Rd., Dobson. Inspected April 14. Violations: None.

Taqueria Los Amigos, 936 W. Pine St., Mount Airy. Inspected April 13, score 88. Violations: 1) Proper eating, tasting, drinking, or tobacco use: Eating, Drinking, or Using Tobacco – C – One employee was present working in the mobile food unit and their drink was improperly stored on the prep area. Keep all employee drinks stored below or away from food prep, cooking and storage areas. The employee drink was relocated to correct the violation. Employee drinks must be stored with a lid and straw or other means to prevent hands from coming in contact with their mouth. The drink was covered to correct the violation.

2) Hands clean and properly washed: When to Wash – P – An employee was witnessed handling raw chorizo and steak and then lined a plate with foil without first washing their hands. Employees must wash their hands between handling raw meats and food contact surfaces. The plate was voluntarily thrown away and the employee washed their hands and changed gloves to correct the violation.

3) Food separated and protected: Food Contact with Equipment and Utensils – P – An employee was witnessed cutting bread with a knife that had previously cut raw chorizo without first washing the utensil. The bread was voluntarily thrown away to correct the violation. Knives must be cleaned and sanitized between use with raw and ready to eat foods.

4) Proper cold holding temperatures: Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Hot and Cold Holding – P – Barbacoa and hot sauce was found off of temperature control with a temperature above 45 degrees F. Keep all potentially hazardous foods at or below 45 degrees F. when holding them cold. The food products were voluntarily thrown away to correct the violation.

5) Proper date marking and disposition: Ready-To-Eat Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Date Marking – PF – (REPEAT) Cooked cow tongue, barbacoa and an open package of hotdogs was found in the prep unit and reach in cooler over 24 hours after they had been prepared/opened. Date mark all ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods that will be stored over 24 hours after they are opened or prepared. The food products were date marked to correct the violation.

6) Thermometers provided and accurate: Good Repair and Calibration – PF – The small diameter probe thermometer was broken today. I will return in 10 days to ensure that the small diameter probe thermometer is properly working or has been replaced.

7) Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage and display: Food Storage, Prohibited Areas – C – Uncooked rice, salt and sugar were found under the handwashing sink sewer line. This line was leaking and contaminated the sugar. The sugar was voluntarily thrown away to correct the violation. Food products cannot be stored below unshielded sewer lines. All non-contaminated food items were relocated to correct the violation.

8) Wiping cloths: properly used and stored: Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation – C – A cloth being used to wipe and sanitize the knife and cutting board was not being returned to wiping cloth bucket during inspection today. All cloths used to wipe down equipment or food contact surfaces must be submerged in a bucket of sanitizer between uses.

9) Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried and handled: Equipment, Utensils, Linens and Single-Service and Single-Use Articles-Storing – C – Cups were found stored in both hot sauces, salt and the sugar today. Only a utensil with a handle sticking out of the food product can be stored in a food container.

10) Non-food-contact surfaces clean: Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils – C – Clean the inside of the reach in cooler and prep unit where build-up has formed.

11) Plumbing installed; proper backflow devices: System Maintained in Good Repair – C – The handwashing faucet is broken and leaking into the lower storage cabinet on the mobile food unit. Repair the faucet so that it properly functions.

12) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Repairing-Premises, Structures, Attachments, and Fixtures-Methods – C – Repair the walls and ceiling in the mobile food unit were the paint is peeling.

The Living Room, 215 A. east Main St., Pilot Mountain. Inspected April 12, score 98. Violations: 1) Toxic substances properly identified, stored, and used: Common Name-Working Containers – PF — There was a chemical in the employee restroom without a label. All chemicals including sanitizers must have a label. Poisonous or Toxic Material Containers-Container Prohibitions – P — The bottle in the employee restroom was called “sanitizer,” but the chemical that was in the bottle was soapy and was not sanitizer. Be sure not to use this bottle for sanitizer again.

2) Non-food-contact surfaces clean: Nonfood Contact Surfaces – C — Wipe inside of units where needed. Wipe shelving where needed. Clean the door tracks on the sliding door cooler.

3) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions – C — Clean the floor underneath and behind equipment where needed. Clean in the areas underneath counters, especially in the areas beside of the ice machine. Floors, Walls and Ceilings-Cleanability – C — Keep all storage at least 6 inches off of the floor. All storage shelving must have 6 inches of clearance underneath.

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