Real property transfers in Surry County

Compiled by Andy Winemiller - [email protected]

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However, a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

• Herbert and Judy Burton to Kody and Karen Easter. Lot in Mount Airy. $291

• Don, Phillip and Bella Gilpatrick to Don R. Gilpatrick. 12.025 acres in Bryan Township. $0

• Betty B. Dance to James and Jean Longworth. 40.925 acres in Dobson. $580

• Jose and Sandra Salazar to L. Oscar Ivan Rangle. Two acres in Surry County. $28

• Fannie Mae to James and Shawna Lambert. 2.38 acres in Stewarts Creek Township. $0

• STSP Properties, LLC to RedOak Development, LLC. 4.431 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Terry, Marion, Earl and Kimberly Tate to Randy G. Tate. Four lots in Orchard Hills. $0

• Jerry and Sheila Cave to Jerry and Mary Burcham. 10.029 acres in Dobson. $1

• Jerry and Sheila Cave to Jerry and Mary Burcham. 55.144 acres in Dobson. $1

• Charles and Brenda Hutchens to Walter M. Chilton. 2.33 acres in Eldora Township. $0

• Lois Hawks King to Christopher and Holly Johnson. 1.97 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Jimmy and Linda Hunter to R.W. Hunter Jr. 1.37 acres in Mount Airy. $26

• Estate of Arvil John Casstevens to Arvil W. and Elizabeth Casstevens. 18.312 acres in Dobson. $0

• Terry and Wanda Cook to Tara and Johnny Hazelwood. 1.108 acres in Dobson. $0

• Mary Ann Hicks Thomas to Eddie Lane Brim. tract in Mount Airy. $0

• Michael and Samantha Reikowsky to Mamrie Lillian. 0.235 acres in Elkin. $213

• Robert, Elizabeth and Allen Lovill to Minnie R. Woods. Property in Bannertown Hills in Mount Airy. $120

• Kirstan Beaver and Charles and Lola Key to Amanda K. Beaver. Lot in the Oak Lane Development in Elkin. $0

• Steven and Elizabeth Braune to Rex and Donna Marion. Lot in the Windsor Park Subdivision in Dobson. $341

• PR Investments, LLC to Steadfast Investments, LLC. 0.86 acres in Mount Airy. $1,050

• James and Alma McMillian to Cody L. McMillian. 2.107 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Lydia and Gordon Gambill and Leroy and Mary Burton to Vidal Sanchez Rivas. One acre in Dobson. $40

• Howard and Latonya Hairston to Charlie R. Hairston. 6.02 acres in Mount Airy. $108

• Vicki L. Vaught to Kevin and Sarah Clark. 0.51 acres in Mount Airy. $170

• 20/20 Properties, LLC to Glenn Peterson. Two tracts in Mount Airy. $40

• William E. and William S. East to Jennifer W. East. One acre in Mount Airy. $0

• Iona and Thomas McBride to James A. Cook II. Tract in Mount Airy. $0

• Kay and Teddy Mears to Norma A. Lawson. Tracts in Mount Airy. $0

• Norma A. Lawson to Kay L. Mears. 1.14 acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Linda E. Lawson to Fuente De Vida Baptist Church. 0.311 acres in Mount Airy. $32

Compiled by Andy Winemiller

[email protected]

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

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