Tractor trailer driver killed in Eagle Carport warehouse accident

Alabama man pinned while loading truck

By Terri Flagg -

An Alabama man was killed Tuesday in an accident at an Eagles Carport Inc. warehouse on Arlington Street.

The tractor-trailer driven by Sean Nelson Sr., 40, a delivery contractor from Mobile, Alabama, was parked on an elevated loading dock when its brakes gave way, pinning the man, said John Shelton, director of emergency services in Surry County.

“He was crushed between the flatbed trailer and wall of the loading dock,” Shelton said.

Nelson was in cardiac arrest when paramedics arrived, but was pronounced dead at the scene after unsuccessful attempts at resuscitation.

Shelton said the man suffered crushing injuries but the exact cause of death will be determined by autopsy.

An officer from the Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement division of the State Highway Patrol will be investigating the accident, Shelton said.

Attempts made to contact the investigating officer Wednesday were not immediately returned.

Nelson was accompanied by his minor-aged son on the delivery, who was standing near his father when the truck began to roll.

“He had to jump free from the area,” Shelton said, noting that the family was notified immediately. “It was just a terrible accident.”

Alabama man pinned while loading truck

By Terri Flagg

Reach Terri Flagg at 415-4734.

Reach Terri Flagg at 415-4734.

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