Health Department Scores

Health Department Inspections is a regular listing of inspections conducted in Surry County establishments by North Carolina health officials. The listing includes restaurants, schools, day care facilities, adult care and other facilities. The listings give the health inspector score, if applicable, along with the text of their findings in their words.

Chili’s Grill and Bar, 2101 Rockford St., Mount Airy. Inspected Sept. 9, score 93.5. Violations: 1) Proper date marking and disposition: Ready-To-Eat Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Disposition – P – A large container of corn dogs was found in the walk in cooler with a prep date marking of 8/31 (day 10). Food products requiring date marking must be sold, served or discarded within 7 days of being prepared, opened or cooked. The corn dogs were voluntarily thrown away to correct the violation. Ready-To-Eat Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Date Marking – PF – Pasta was date marked with a prep date of today but was cooked and cooled yesterday. The product must be date marked according to the day that it was cooked and cooled. The pasta was re-labeled to correct the violation.

2) Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage and display: Food Storage-Preventing Contamination from the Premises – C – *REPEAT* Tempura batter, two bags of seasoning and flour was found open while in dry storage today. Keep all dry foods in a sealed container or otherwise protected from contamination.

3) Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried and handled 4-901.11 Equipment and Utensils, Air-Drying Required – C – *REPEAT* Allow all containers to air dry before stacking them. Several plastic containers were found wet nested today. An employee was witnessed towel drying plastic containers. All containers and food contact surfaces must be allowed to air dry after they are sanitized. Equipment, Utensils, Linens and Single-Service and Single-Use Articles-Storing – C – *REPEAT* Only a utensil with a handle can be stored in a food product. A cup was found in the container of cheddar bites. Equipment, Utensils, Linens and Single-Service and Single-Use Articles-Storing – C – Clean the inside of the knife container on the grill line.

4) Equipment, food and non-food-contact surfaces approved; cleanable, properly designed, constructed and used: Good Repair and Calibration-Utensils and Temperature and Pressure Measuring Devices – C – Repair the plastic containers and container lids throughout the facility that are cracked, burned and damaged. Good Repair and Proper Adjustment-Equipment – C – Repair the doors on the salad prep unit and wing prep unit that are damaged. Replace the missing gasket on the desert cooler.

5) Non-food-contact surfaces clean: Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils – C – Clean the inside of the refrigerators on the front line. Clean the gasket on the reach in freezer near the deep fryer. Clean the tops of the soda nozzles. Clean the plate and container shelving on the grill line.

6) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions – C – Clean the floor and drain under the dry food shelving. Clean the floor in the walk in freezer.

Elkin ARC residential facility, 534 Elk Spur, Elkin. Inspected Sept. 8. Violations: 1) Food supplies and protection Store ground beef and eggs below ready to eat foods in the refrigerator.

2) Toilet: handwashing: laundry and bathing facilities: Faucets leaking in both bathrooms when turned on.

3) Storage: miscellaneous: Store bags of clothes off of the the floor to facilitate cleaning in the hallway storage closet.

Elkin High School, 334 Elk Spur St., Elkin. Inspected Sept. 3, score 93.5. Violations: 1) Floors: walls: and ceilings .2410 Floors, walls, and ceilings of all areas shall be kept clean and in good repair.—Clean the boards on the walls where needed (seen in, but not limited to: 214B, 104). Repair the hole in the wall in the girls’ restroom in the A building. Sand and paint the wall in the weight room (chipping). Repair the floors where damaged (seen in, but not limited to: girls’ dressing room shower, boys’ locker room shower, floor in the men’s restroom outside of the gym). Reattach or reapply base moulding where missing (boys’ locker room).

2) Storage space: Storage spaces and custodians’ closets shall be kept clean and arranged so as to facilitate cleaning. All storage shall be at least 15 inches (38.1 centimeters) above the floor or otherwise arranged so as to permit thorough cleaning.—Clean the custodian closet in the band hall custodian closet. Keep all storage at least 15 inches off of the floor (seen in, but not limited to. Clean the top of cabinets/bookshelves in classrooms where needed (seen in, but not limited to: 214B, 215B, media center, 103). Clean the tops of lockers in the dressing rooms.

3) Premises, miscellaneous: Pesticides and other toxic materials shall be used as directed on the label and handled and stored as to avoid health hazards.—All toxic chemicals must be kept stored to avoid health hazards. This has generally meant keeping any toxic material with the exception of soaps, lotions, or hand sanitizers kept in locked cabinets or locked storage rooms to prevent children from accessing them. Supervision by teachers is not accepted as a means of preventing accessibility. This was seen in, but not limited to the following areas: 214B (cleaner, disinfectant wipes), 215B (disinfectant wipes), 308A (disinfectant wipes), 103 (disinfectant wipes, canned air), disabled children restroom area in middle school (aerosol disinfectant, rubber cement, disinfectant wipes), staff restrooms at office (aerosol air fresheners).

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