Probation violations resolved

At the tail end of a probation sentence for selling or delivering cocaine, Samuel Lee Akers, 29, of Fox Trott Lane, Mount Airy, was ordered by Senior Resident Superior Court Judge A. Moses Massey to pay $40 per month towards the amount owned to the court.

Akers represented himself during an administrative session of Surry County Superior Court that began Oct. 5.

If Akers pays the ordered amount each month until December, his probation will be terminated and the remaining fees will be transferred to a civil judgment.

“The sweet place to go is home,” Massey said. “Take good care of those five children.”


Shannon Fultz Dollyhite, 36, of Beulah Church Road, Mount Airy, admitted to using marijuana, a violation of her probation for a 2013 conviction of possessing methamphetamine.

Based on the recommendation of her probation officer, Dollyhite’s probation was extended for 12 months and she was ordered to enroll in — and successfully complete — treatment at a residential substance abuse facility.


Della Taylor Harris, 44, formerly of Mount Airy, on probation sentenced for possessing stolen retail goods, admitted to a violation that included moving to Thomasville without notifying her probation officer and never paying anything toward her case.

Currently serving a 12 months supervised probation, Harris faced the potential activation of a 30-day suspended sentence.

“Normally a few days of jail would be appropriate,” Massey said, but that sending her to jail would punish taxpayers, jailers and the sheriff more than Harris.

Instead he ordered her to pay $40 per month and an order for her arrest would be issued with a $5,000 secured minimum bond if she violates the order.

“You’ve gone months and months without paying anything,” Massey said. “Do not think I will not send you to jail if you fail to pay.”


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