Citizens report possible crimes to Surry County Sheriff’s Office

Shawn Phalen Murphy, of Pearman Lane, Ararat, reported on Sept. 24 that the front windshield on her 2000 Honda Accord had been damaged to the tune of $600. According to Lieutenant Gerald LaFevre with the Surry County Sheriff’s Office, Murphy said she had lent the car to her brother, who allegedly caused the damage. No charges were filed after an investigation.

Crystal Denise Gery, of White Pines Country Club Road, Mount Airy, reported on Sept. 25 that she was the victim of attempted identity theft. Gery had received a call from a financial recovery company offering to settle a loan taken out in her name for double the amount owed. An investigation revealed that it was a scam attempt. The company was not legitimate, there was no identity theft or money taken from Gery.

Rachel Marion Moore reported a breaking and entering at her Shoals Road home in Pinnacle. According to the Sept. 25 report, eight $100 bills were stolen, along with a black watch, valued at $150, and a 24-karat yellow gold bracelet, valued at $500. There are no suspects in the investigation, LaFevre said.

Joseph Vaughn Brannock reported on Sept. 25 that several tools worth $600 were stolen from his vehicle while parked on Pearman Lane, Ararat. Brannock said he let someone use the vehicle and when it was returned a cordless drill and miscellaneous tools were missing. Officers are still investigating the report.

Martha Francis Brown, of East Pine Street, Mount Airy, reported a breaking and entering at her home that caused $100 of damage to a screen window and pane. No items were reported stolen. While away, Brown had received a call from a family member who saw someone messing around her house. When she drove by later to check she noticed the broken window.

Winfred Delano Smith, owner of U-Save Auto Sales on North Franklin Road in Mount Airy, reported on Oct. 2 that his own tractor had been stolen from the parking lot of the business. The tractor was valued at $10,000.

Carl Thomas Martin Sr., reported that his vehicle was broken into on Oct. 2 while parked at Jakes Gas-N-Go on Westfield Road in Westfield. According to the report, three bottles of prescription medication were removed from the unlocked vehicle along with a package of oatmeal cream cookies and a package of ginger snaps. A review of the store’s surveillance video revealed no suspects, LaFevre said.

Samuel Jacob Nichols, of Lestat Lane, Mount Airy, reported a hot water heater stolen from a vacant rental property he owns on Smith Lane in Mount Airy. The hot water heater was valued at $500. According to the Oct. 2 report, a window pane was damaged during the break in. There are no suspects in the investigation.

Wilbur M. Marion, of Pilot Church Road, Pinnacle, reported on Oct. 3 that someone tried to steal his tractor. Marion told officers he parked the tractor at the end of his work day and when he came back the next morning it had moved several feet, making him believe someone tried to steal it. The Kubota tractor was valued at $25,000.

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