Property transfers

Compiled by Andy Winemiller - [email protected]

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However, a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

• Fred C. Norman to Robert and Sheri Komdeur. Lot in the Miller-Gentry Development in Elkin. $318

• Kenneth and Linda Moody to Brian K. Moody. Tract in Bryan Township. $0

• Theodore and Jami Guynn to Victorina and Erasto Landaverde. 20,000 sq. ft. in Eldora Township.

• The Sherman Dallas Simpson Living Trust to John G. Simpson. Tracts in Mount Airy. $0

• John G. Simpson to Mt. Airy Tract 2, LLC. Tracts in Mount Airy. $200

• The Sherman Dallas Simpson Living Trust to Pamalee Plaza, LLC. Tract in Mount Airy. $700

• The Sherman Dallas Simpson Trust to Carolina Creek Investments, LLC. Tract in Mount Airy. $1,100

• Investors Resource Management, LLC to Bradley L. Tate and Kaylee N. Paris. Lot in the Crosswinds Subdivision in Mount Airy. $172

• Maynard and Tina Easter to Sherrie D. Easter, Marion Conley and Elijah L. Leftwich. Two acres in Mount Airy. $0

• Glenn and Patsy Collins to Dwayne and Robyn Collins. 2.339 acres in Westfield Township. $1

• Glenn and Patsy Collins to Timmy G. Collins. 4.041 acres in Westfield Township. $1

• Glenda and Joel Troutman and Beverly S. Ledford to Maggie Brintle and Alan Parsons. Tracts in Elkin. $320.

• Billy and Karen Bowman to Shawn and Lacy Leftwich. Three tracts in Dobson. $230

• Angela and Edwin Scott to Charlotte Inscore. 1.096 acres in Westfield Township. $36

• Belinda and Jerome Sigmon to Pamela S. Robins. Two tracts in Elkin. $190

• Jason W. Fulk to Donnie and Dana Shockley. 7.25 acres in Eldora Township. $0

• Rosa and William Marshall and Brenda A. Jurney to Bulah F. Barnes. Lot in Mount Airy. $73

• Estate of Claude William Flippin to Joshua W. Hauser. One acre in South Westfield. $130

• Estate of Helen Finney Anderson to Nicholas and Kasandra Nowalk. Tracts in the Victoria Heights Subdivision in Elkin. $200

• Randy and Tanya Johnson to Brandon and April Johnson. 1.01 acres in Eldora Township. $0

• Mugurel Sorescu and Ioana M. Apoltan to Janie S. Johnson. Lot in the Gentry Land Subdivision in Elkin. $402

• Karen B. Rice-Holder to R & B Holt, LLC. 1.564 acres in Mount Airy. $88

• Hazel Tucker to Crystal D. Hill. Lot in Pilot Mountain. $118

• Charlie and Christie Robertson to Arthur and Stephanie Badgett. .21 acres in Stewarts Creek Township. $0

• Arthur and Stephanie Badgett to Charlie and Christie Robertson. .19 acres in Stewarts Creek Township. $0

• Bobby and Nancy Hawks to Jason Hawk. Two tracts in Franklin Township. $0

• PHH Mortgage Corporation to Dekota L. Collins and Jennifer G. Boeyinga. .28 acres in Surry County. $18

• Burgerbusters III, LLC to Chappell Construction and Coatings, LLC. Tract in Elkin. $210

• Patricia B. Fulk to Timothy and Brenda Martin. 12.223 acres in Shoals. $790

• Jimmie and Shelby Bobbitt to Marty and Amy Doss. 5.325 acres in Mount Airy. $230

• Michael R. Poindexter to New Kingdom Ministries. 1.34 acres in Mount Airy. $180

• Alton and Jo Ann Tew to Brandon and Meghan Roberson. Two tracts Eldora Township. $690

• Deborah and Stephen Piscitelli to Teddy and Sheryl Melvin. Lot in Franklin Township. $556

• Lynn H. Pratt to Matthew D. Pratt. 7.287 acres in Eldora Township. $0

• The Lois Long Estate to Dennis M. Pollard. 32.638 acres in Shaols. $850

• Gary and Patricia Faw and Sharon Holder to Eldon and Effie Utt. Unit in the Pilot Echo Condominiums in Pilot Mountain. $275

Compiled by Andy Winemiller

[email protected]

Reach Andy at (336) 415-4698.

Reach Andy at (336) 415-4698.

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