Additional responses from Gene Clark

Note: These two questions were left out of responses given by at-large candidate Gene Clark which were published Wednesday.

Question: How would you approach major votes; what would be your process in gathering information and making decisions?

Answer: I would assess how a particular vote would affect the financial status of the city and the effect it would have on our citizens. I would evaluate the information presented by the city staff as well as look for independent resources with knowledge about the issue to get multiple perspectives and information to make a fair and balanced decision. I would also want the support and consensus of the community as a whole before a major vote.

Question: What would you do to get more citizens involved in municipal government?

Answer: I would strongly encourage our citizens to vote. This is most fundamental right we have and a majority of citizens do not. I would encourage the citizens to communicate directly with their commissioners on a regular basis, not only when they have an issue that directly affects them personally. Last, I would try and get more individuals involved in the various city commissions and committees to give them exposure to our governmental process.

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