Sheriff’s Office Reports

Windows on five employee vehicles were broken while parked overnight at Mountain River Trucking on Direct Lane in Mount Airy, according to a Sept. 23 report filed with the Surry County Sheriff’s Office by Glenn Mitchell Dowell, an employee. Two backpacks were stolen from a vehicle belonging to Joseph Eugene Sammons, of Ararat, Virginia. Valued at $400 each, one backpack contained tools and the other contained various items. The passenger side window was broken on a vehicle belonging to Joshua Franklin Deal, of Taylorsville, and a $10 box of 12 gauge shotgun shells stolen. Though no thefts were reported, windows were broken on vehicles belonging to Teresa Whitt Holt, of Pilot Mountain, Chester Lawrence Hill, of Thomasville, and James Boyce Hall, of East Bend. Each broken window was valued at $250.

An employee of Perdue Feed Mill, at Greenwood Circle, Elkin, reported that a firearm was discharged in an unsafe direction while hunting. According to Lieutenant David Hamlin, three men were hunting geese from a boat on the Yadkin River and shot from a shotgun blast landed on the employee’s vehicle. The Sept. 19 report valued the damage to the vehicle at $1,000. The employee didn’t press charges against the hunter, who was “advised not to be shooting near a place of employment,” Hamlin said.

Mary Jo Blash, 59, of Azalea Drive, Mount Airy, reported a trespassing. The Department of Agriculture is listed as the victim on the Sept. 22 report, which states that a suspect is staying in the residence possibly without permission. According to Hamlin, the property had been foreclosed and the resident was in the process of buying the property and did have permission.

Tanneal Corn Bowlin, 39, of Beacon Lane, Mount Airy, reported a trespassing on open land areas on Sept. 20.

An employee of the U.S. Postal Service reported on Sept. 22 that someone backed into a metal handrail at the Post Office on Ararat Road, Ararat causing $500 of damage.

Ashley Ann Mann, 21, of Andrew Lane, Dobson, reported $11 of household items stolen during a break-in. The items included four cans of green beans, candy, a pack of salted crackers, and one pair of children’s underwear.

Joyce Ann Gann, 73, of Grassy Creek Road, Pinnacle, reported cash stolen from her pocket book and credit cards used without her permission, resulting in a theft of $2,100.

Edgar Allen Griffin, 41, of Hiatt Road, Mount Airy, reported receiving fake checks from a suspect.

Gregory Thomas Bramlett, 45, of Webb Lane, reported his 3-month-old male Bully puppy stolen, valued at $1,000.

Dorcas Gregory Beck, 47, of Hardin Holyfield Road, Dobson, reported that a suspect used her credit card to make an online purchase resulting in a theft of $302.64.

Debra Bracken Lavally, 63, of Waitress Way, State Road, reported that a suspect fraudulently used her PayPal account.

A Garmin GPS car unit and a Fleet Service fuel card were reported stolen from a Granite City Insulation vehicle, a company on Laurel Lane, Mount Airy owned by David Anthony Hill, of Mount Airy. According to the Sept. 23 report, the GPS unit valued $100 and the fuel card was recovered.

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