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By Eva Queen - [email protected]

Twelve women attended a recent lunch to discuss becoming a branch of NAUW.

Recently a group of area women met to discuss the possibility of becoming a part of the National Association of University Women (NAUW).

The NAUW was founded and organized in 1910 by four women in Washington, D.C., who wanted to start an organization where women on the same level of education could relate and bond together over serving their community

Once the club was organized and established, the members invited groups of college/university graduates who lived outside the district to join, with ladies from Baltimore being the first to accept the invitation.

After the Baltimore group accepted the invitation, seven branches were organized in cities where college women desired affiliation with the founding group.

The mission of the NAUW is to serve women, youth, and the disadvantaged in communities where the branches are located. Also, the organization addresses the educational issues nationally, in developing countries by strategically partnering with allied organization, advancing the status of women.

The possibility of a local branch began when Cheryl Scott’s friend for more than 60 years, Evelyn Gentry Howie, began talking about NAUW.

Howie is the president of the Winston-Salem Branch.

Scott was interested and asked about the possibility of joining with them. Scott then began to think of women with baccalaureate degrees in the Foothills region near Mount Airy who might also be interested in the opportunity to come together to serve the community.

“And so the idea was born.” Scott said. “Evelyn gave me the contact person in the organization and I began contacting women who meet the qualifications and who are committed to service, giving back to the community.”

There are 14 charter (organizing) members in the Foothills of Mount Airy/Surry County Branch. An induction ceremony will officially include the branch in NAUW.

Each of the NAUW members has a history of working with the community.

“We are excited to work together blending our diverse experiences, educational backgrounds and passion for progress. Education is a major focus and within our community, we will promote educational activities that support learners at all levels of development, provide scholarships for undergraduate studies, and assist those who may need basic skills necessary to more effectively function in society,” added Scott.

To become a branch, a group of university women must come together with the desire to join NAUW, then they contact the director of the section, in this case the Southeast Section, who guides the process.

“We were honored to have the national president visit with us. Although her time in our area was short she accepted the invitation to come and meet us. Dedication, commitment and love of our community is the foundation of our coming together.”

“It’s an honor to have such rock stars in this community have the desire to be a part of our organization,” said Evelyn L. Wright, National President of NAUW, said.

Twelve women attended a recent lunch to discuss becoming a branch of NAUW.
https://www.mtairynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/web1_015o1.jpgTwelve women attended a recent lunch to discuss becoming a branch of NAUW.

By Eva Queen

[email protected]

Reach Eva Queen at (336) 415-4739 or [email protected]

Reach Eva Queen at (336) 415-4739 or [email protected]

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