Socks to be named after Cana, Woodlawn

By Allen Worrell -

Two communities in Carroll County, Virginia, will soon have a sock named after them as part of the Farm to Feet line by a Mount Airy company.

The “Woodlawn” and the “Cana,” along with the “Floyd,” are scheduled to be released in August by Nester Hosiery of Mount Airy. All of the company’s socks are made from materials sourced from within the United States. The company has named its socks after towns or cities where its raw material manufacturers, national sales agencies and local retailers are located.

“This allows us to tell the story of the U.S. supply chain, the American worker, as well as a truly 100 percent American made product while allowing the consumer to have a personal experience with the product,” said Travis Smith, an associate with the company.

The “Cana” is a traditional knit rag wool sock named after one of the company’s retailers, Hill’s Shoes.

“If you think wool socks, that is what the Cana is,” Smith said. “They are wool socks as we all know them.”

Farm to Feet is also launching a new equestrian line of socks, one of which is named the “Woodlawn” in honor of another retail partner, Harmon’s Western Wear.

“The equestrian sock is an activity-specific sock geared toward equestrian riders. The equestrian riders wear tight-fitting riding boots because they are jumping and can’t have slippage,” Smith said. “So the Woodlawn is an equestrian sock that features PTFE nylon, which is a flat yarn rather than being circular in circumference. It has anti-friction technology. It’s a real thin tight-fitting sock that makes it real easy to slide your riding boot on and off.”

Farm to Feet has also partnered with FloydFest, where it will release the “Floyd” during this year’s event. The “Floyd” is an everyday sock that features a knitted montage of a mountain, blue sky, clouds, and a guitar with music notes in the shape of trees.

“The Floyd is something else,” Smith said. “It embodies the whole theme of FloydFest — music in the mountains.”

All of the company’s socks are knit with 22.5 micron wool. This makes the socks soft to the touch and very comfortable when on your feet, Smith said. The socks offer a reciprocated heel and toe to hold the sock in place and added elastic throughout the sock for a comfort compression fit. All socks have seamless toe closures and use nylon plaiting yarn.

“We have added extra nylon throughout the heel, foot bed and toe. The added nylon plus our double welt top makes our socks very durable,” Smith said. “This allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on our product, whether it is customer satisfaction or workmanship.”

Farm to Feet socks cost between $16 to $25, but are 100 percent American made and come with a lifetime guarantee.

“It’s an important feature for the consumer to know they won’t be stuck,” Smith said. “When you see a 100 percent American-made product that offers a lifetime guarantee, you have a personal relationship with the supply chain that works, but you can also feel confident knowing the company stands behind the product.”

The “Cana,” “Woodlawn,” and “Floyd” will be offered in all locations that sell Farm To Feet products and also online at

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By Allen Worrell