Fiddlers convention winners announced

The Slate Mountain Ramblers of Mount Airy repeated as champions in the old-time band category.

A complete list of winners from the 44th-Annual Mount Airy Bluegrass and Old-Time Fiddlers Convention, held at Veterans Memorial Park this past weekend, was released Wednesday.

They include these results in the competition categories specified, with the entries accompanied by the hometowns of each:

• Adult old-time band — First place, Slate Mountain Ramblers, Mount Airy; second, Crooked Road Ramblers, Crumpler; third, Strictly Strings, Boone; fourth, Zephyr Lightning Bolts, State Road; fifth, Buck Stankle Boys, Mount Airy.

• Adult bluegrass band — First place, Uncle Touchy and the Feelers, Lewisville; second, Crossroads, Mount Airy; third, The Fiddlin’ Carson Peters Band, Piney Flats, Tennessee; fourth, Adam McPeak and Mountain Thunder, Max Meadows, Virginia; fifth, The Country Boys, Mount Airy.

• Adult old-time fiddle — First place, Richard Bowman, Mount Airy; second, Jacob Bowen, State Road; third, David Bass, Durham; fourth, Andrew Small, Moncure; fifth, Chris Testerman, Lansing.

• Adult bluegrass fiddle — First place, Crystal Shipley, Kingsport, Tennessee; second, Carson Peters, Piney Flats, Tennessee; third, Scott Freeman, Woodlawn, Virginia; fourth, Kitty Amaral, Elk Creek, Virginia; fifth, John Hoffman, Taylorsville.

• Adult old-time banjo — First place, Marsha Todd, Mount Airy; second, Jared Boyd, Laurel Fork, Virginia; third, Nancy Sluys, Westfield; fourth, Marianne Kovatch, Fries, Virginia; fifth, Jeremy Marcotte, Moncure.

• Adult bluegrass banjo — First place, Grayson Tuttle, Wilkesboro; second, Jay Adams, Pine Hall; third, Tommy Morse, Stuart, Virginia; fourth, Matthew Turman, Eden; fifth, Austin Janey, Collinsville, Virginia.

• Adult guitar — First place, Presley Barker, Traphill; second, Andy Edmonds, Mount Airy; third, Steve Kilby. Mouth of Wilson, Virginia; fourth, Christian Cail, Mount Airy; fifth, Al Barnosky, Durham.

• Adult bass — First place, David George, Westfield; second, Lulu Furtado, Front Royal, Virginia; third, Jason King, Pleasant Garden; fourth, Barbara Bowman, Mount Airy; fifth, Hannah Robbins, Roanoke, Virginia.

• Adult dobro — First place, Robert Ellis, Mocksville; second, Alan Jolley, Gastonia; third, Danny Hargis, Huntersville; fourth, Stephen Moller, Elgin, Illinois; fifth, Pammy Davis, Pleasant Garden.

• Adult dulcimer — First place, Hunter Walker, Beckley, West Virginia; second, Ehukai Teves, Bryson City; third, Kirk House, Winston Salem; fourth, Lois Hornbostel, Bryson City; fifth, Dick Lamb, Keezletown, Virginia.

• Adult mandolin — First place, Vincent Bullins, Lawsonville; second, Ben Somerville, Rockville, Maryland; third, Greg Jones, Mount Airy; fourth, Karl Smakula, Montrose, West Virginia; fifth, Joseph Scott, Mount Airy.

• Adult autoharp — First place, Penny Kilby, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia; second, Vickie Boyd, Laurel Fork, Virginia; third, Christine Olson, Garner; fourth, Michael Poole, Pittsboro; fifth, Jimmy Handy, Woodwine, Virginia.

• Adult folk song —First place, John Goad, Rogersville, Tennessee; second, Elizabeth Baker, Front Royal, Virginia; third, Elizabeth Laprelle, Rural Retreat, Virginia; fourth, Tommy Nichols, Mount Airy; fifth, Ted Turner, Max Meadows, Virginia.

• Adult dance — First place, Marsha Todd, Mount Airy; second, Becky Hill, Elkins, West Virginia; third, Becky Wood, Martinsville, Virginia; fourth, Emolyn Liden, hometown not given; fifth, Aaron H. Ratcliffe, Greensboro.

• Youth old-time band — First place, Durham Yungins, Chapel Hill.

• Youth bluegrass band — First place, Shadow Grass, Troutdale, Virginia; second, Mountain Blessings, Toast.

• Youth old-time fiddle — First place, Lillian Chase, Weaverville, Virginia; second, Anneli Burnette, Boone; third, Cooper Parsons, Crumpler; fourth, Eliza Meyer, Raleigh; fifth, Analee Burnette, Boone.

• Youth bluegrass fiddle — First place, Kitty Amaral, Elk Creek, Virginia; second, Mary Hooper, Elkin; third, Liam Purcell, Boone; fourth, Sarah Lemons, Charlotte; fifth, Aila Wildman, Floyd, Virginia.

• Youth bluegrass banjo — First place, Clay Russell, Troutdale, Virginia; second, Jonah Riddle, Burnsville; third, Travis Watts, Toast; fourth, Evan Hoots, Olin; fifth, Luciya Sulivan, Winston-Salem.

• Youth old-time banjo — (no competitors).

• Youth guitar — First place, Presley Barker, Traphill; second, Brody York, Mount Airy; third, Soyara Sullivan, Winston-Salem; fourth, Grayson Riddle, Burnsville.

• Youth bass — First place, Jackson George, Westfield (no other competitors).

• Youth mandolin — First place, Elijah Moore, Kernersville; second, Caleb Covney, Boone; third, Chaney Parsons, Roaring River; fourth, Ian Madden, Chapel Hill.

• Youth folk song — First place, Carson Peters, Piney Flats, Tennessee; second, Lillian Chase, Weaverville; third, Aila Wildman, Floyd, Va; fourth, Anneli Burnette, Boone; fifth, Eliza Meyer, Raleigh.

• Youth dance — First place, Travis Watts, Toast; second, Liam Purcell, Boone; third, Marissa Colter, Clemmons; fourth, Kenyon Purcell, Boone; fifth, Paxton Ashe, Galax, Virginia.

• Most promising youth trophy — Presley Barker, Traphill.

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