Man in custody after allegedly holding people captive in Pilot Mountain gas station

Man held clerk, customer in Pilot Mountain store

DOBSON — An armed man who allegedly held several people captive in a Pilot Mountain gas station is in the custody of the Surry County Sheriff’s Office, according to Sheriff Graham Atkinson.

The brief incident occurred shortly after noon at the Shamrock gas station on Cook School Road, where officers responded to a report that a masked man inside the business was armed and refusing to let patrons leave the store, Atkinson said.

According to a statement released by the sheriff, officers arrived at the scene to find that the man was wearing a skull mask covering the area from the bridge of his nose down to his chin with a 12-inch survival knife in a sheath attached to his belt.

He was uncooperative with law enforcement but “at no time did the suspect wield the knife,” the sheriff stated.

“As officers were attempting to contain the suspect he reached for the knife and was brought under control with an electronic device.”

The suspect was arrested without further incident and transported to Northern Hospital of Surry County for evaluation, according to the statement.

No suspect information is being released pending the results of the evaluation.

Atkinson said the store was occupied by a clerk and one customer during the incident, which resulted in no injuries.

Officers were able to remove the patron from the store but the clerk remained inside until the suspect was brought under control.

Potential criminal charges will be based on victims’ statements and evaluation results, the sheriff said.

“A lot of it has to do with the victims’ frame of mind, with why they felt they couldn’t leave,” said Atkinson.

Man held clerk, customer in Pilot Mountain store
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