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By Jane Nunn - Special to The News

Some comments about the cold weather:

“I wish we would get some snow since it is this cold.” Amber Southern

“I hate cold weather. Especially this cold.” Lydia Mills

“I hope it’s warmer there than it is in Walnut Cove.” Mike Fulp

“I am very thankful I don’t live in Minnesota. It’s cold here, but on the bright side there are no mosquitos.” Angela Spencer-Pullum

“Just thankful we are warm and haven’t lost power. Some people haven’t been that lucky in the Carolina’s. Beverly Love

“I’m tired of winter. How about you?” Jack Nunn

“Going to hibernate until spring.” Kimberly Cook

“It’s God’s way of killing germs.” Ruth Robertson

“It hasn’t been this cold in a coon’s ages. I don’t like weather this cold but I count my blessing because my son lives in Wisconsin and its really cold there. I’m ready for spring.” Bobbi Pack

“It’s cold in Westfield.” Chris Carpenter

“I think Linda Jones said it best this morning at church and I am paraphrasing, she said that she was blessed to have a nice warm home. Unfortunately, in all my complaining about the cold, I had not thought about that. Another lesson from a woman of great faith. Linda Jones, you are my hero.” Donna Edwards

“Summer breeze…a’comin’.” Sherri Hill

“How to beat the frigid temperatures…..sitting in front of the fire, with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.” Karen Carpenter

“It has been the coldest weather in several years. Thankful for a wood stove to stay warm and pipes that didn’t freeze.” Carol Rogers

“Never thought it would impact cable and the computerized water service. Terry Hancock

“Sing to the tune of The Weather Outside is Frightful….

The weather outside is frightful…

the frozen pipes, streams and ponds so not delightful…

But wind chills and temps are so cold the bugs, gnats, skeeters and the crawleys are gone.

When we finally get indoors

We hate going back outside

But if we stay inside all warm… the germs, the flu and colds are shared.

The fires are stoked and glowing wood or gas logs brightly warming…

Electric meters spinning fast the power bills will make us gasp.

Stay warm everybody.” Sandy Black Whitley

Amanda Leftwich is a missionary with the Youth With A Mission Group from Orlando, Florida. Amanda’s adventure started in Orlando Florida from mission group on Jan. 2. The group flew out to JFK New York where they were detoured to Baltimore due to closing of airport.

The group got a bus to JFK New York and was stranded till the next day. Their flight left that afternoon to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, a 16-hour flight where they were delayed yet again for 12 hours. The flight out of Dubai left for Johannesburg, South Africa and they are waiting for the rest of their team in Johannesburg, then they went to Port Elizabeth via plane.

From there they started their missions in Bethlehem for one month and lastly Jaybay for one month.

Satan has fought them the whole way with obstacles so he definitely does not want them there, ya know. God is with them on their journey to assist people in Bethlehem and Jaybay with housing, wells and the teaching of Jesus Christ. The mission group took Bibles to give to the people there.

Amanda Leftwich’s mother is Eleatha Leftwich, Jan Cox is her grandmother, Brian Leftwich is Amanda’s dad and Audrey Nunn is Amanda’s grandmother.

Kristi Manuel is the January Employee of the Month for Surry County Schools. She is part of the technology department as a service technician. Congratulations, Kristi. Kristi and Luke Manuel have two children, Conrad and Annalise. Kristi’s in-laws are Peggy and LH Manuel.

Talon Mason won first place in the free throw competition for third grade for Pilot Mountain Elementary school. Talon also went to the county shoot out in Mount Airy and won second place. His mom and dad are Holly and Chase Mason.

The Westfield Ruritan Club is sponsoring a cash bingo and Benefit for Kathy Jo Monday on Saturday, Jan. 13. Eat at 5:30 p.m. and cash bingo starts at 7 p.m. Also a silent auction and bake sale will be going on during the benefit. The benefit for Kathy Jo Monday will be held at the Westfield Community Building.

Brown Mountain Junior Youth Group will be collecting peanut butter and jelly thru Jan. 17. If you would like to help the youth group by donating some peanut butter and jelly and you can’t get it to the church on time, leave it with me. I’ll take it to the church for you.

The Brown Mountain youth group wants to donate their peanut butter and jelly to the Northern Stokes Food Pantry.

A pinto bean/hot dog supper will be held for the Donnie McQuinn family and Lanny Martin will be Saturday, Feb. 24 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. This benefit will be held at Brown Mountain Baptist Church fellowship hall.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Jan. 15. This day is not only for celebration but for service. On this day people perform extra services in hospitals, shelters, prisons and anywhere people need help.

WPAQ Radio is celebrating its 70th birthday soon.

Lots of people were celebrating Elvis Aaron Presley’s birthday on Jan. 8.

Crossroad Church will host a chicken stew and vacation giveaway on Saturday, Jan, 20 from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Francisco Community Building. Cost is $5 and includes a meal and a chance for a week long trip to Gatlinburg. Tim Sands and None of the Above will perform. Proceeds go to the purchase of our church.

Special prayers for, Dorothy Simmons, Lanny Martin, Alvin Sams, Hallie Hall, Jan Cox and Marie Jessup.

Celebrating the life of Dexter Sams (July 14, 1959 – Dec. 6, 2017) on Saturday, Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. in the Tise Hall Gym at Vade Mecum.

By Jane Nunn

Special to The News

Jane Nunn may be reached at 336-351-6866.

Jane Nunn may be reached at 336-351-6866.