Millennium Charter Academy holds annual spelling bee

First Posted: 2/24/2015

MCA recently hosted its annual spelling bee, which was conducted in two parts.

Students from grades three through five participate in classroom spelling bees to determine classroom winners, who then participate in the lower school bee. The same process is used for students in the upper school in grades six through eight.

MCA recognizes Scripps National Spelling Bee as the authority of classroom, school, regional, state and national spelling bees. All words selected for the bee come from Webster’s Third New International Dictionary.

Lower School Division Winners were: first place, Benjamin Hiatt, third grade, with the championship word “noctambulist,” a noun, meaning one who walks at night especially in his or her sleep; second place, Martina Banas, fourth grade; and third place, Chandler Pharr, third grade. Participants in the lower school division spelled more than 140 words in thirteen rounds before the first place winner was determined.

In the upper school division, winners were first place, Ashton Rierson, seventh grade, with a championship word of “sisyphean,” an adjective meaning requiring continual and often ineffective effort; second place, Jimmie Blick, seventh grade; and third place, Ryan Hawks, sixth grade. Participants in the upper school division spelled 24 words before the first place winner was determined in the third round.

There was a final round of the spelling bee made of up winners from the lower and upper school divisions to determine the overall school winner, who will proceed to the Piedmont Regional Charter School spelling bee in early 2015. For this final round, spellers had to spell words from the Scripps “additional word” list, which none of the participants had seen prior to the bee.

Ashton Rierson was the MCA spelling bee champion when he correctly spelled “delicious.”

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