Our New Years wishes

First Posted: 12/31/2008

Today is the start of the new year, and we hope for all of you, 2009 turns out to be a joyous, prosperous year.
Toward that end, we have a few specific New Year wishes we would like to offer some folks in the community.
To the Surry County Economic Development Partnership, or the county commissioners, or the city commissioners, or whoever it is that will be handling economic recruitment and development: Success beyond your wildest dreams.
Whether that success comes in the form of a couple of 400-job industries moving to the area, a hundred 25-job openings, a state prison that brings a few hundred new positions to the area truthfully, it doesnt matter. So long as significant work toward landing more jobs is accomplished, and soon, well be happy.
To The Mount Airy Board of Commissioners and the Surry County Board of Commissioners (and all municipal governments in the area): We hope you govern this year in as public, transparent fashion as possible.
Over the months and years, you will make some decisions folks disagree with, others that people support. Thats part of the territory, and all should respect you for doing your best, as long as youre honestly working for the good of those you represent to be best of your ability.
The one thing that should not happen, however, is for government to operate in a less than open manner, or in a way that shuts out public input. That has happened here, at times, but we hope with the dawning of a new year that form of government is a thing of the past.
To Mount Airy water and sewer customers, we wish you a year without a rate increase.
To the Surry Arts Council, we wish you a little more community support with fewer detractors. Its hard to imagine taking issue with what the Surry Arts Council does. Sure, in tight economic times people can reasonably question some public expenditures, but to question and belittle the Councils work just doesnt make a lot of sense to us.
To the Andy Griffith Playhouse, a packed house for every performance.
To the Tourism Partnership of Surry County, we wish, well, more tourists. We also hope the General Assembly will finally approve an occupancy tax for Mount Airy hotels and similar businesses, to help further fund your efforts.
To officials in both the Mount Airy and Surry County school systems, we wish continued success in improving the performance of your students in the classroom, on standardized tests, and most importantly, in their lives once they leave your classrooms. We also wish for you state and federal money to pay for the many heretofore unfunded mandates from those two entities.
To the residents of Mount Airy and Surry County, we wish all of the above comes true, because that would mean a much better year, and future, for most of you.

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