Ready for whats on the horizon

First Posted: 12/30/2008

For the first time in many years I was looking forward to the possibility of going out and spending time ringing in the New Year with friends, dancing and some fun.
But all of those possibilities flew out the window quickly this weekend when I came down with that dreaded winter cold Ive managed to avoid the past couple of months as my co-workers, acquaintances and family members have been sick.
I was doing so good to avoid the cotton ears, dizzy headedness, lack of breathing through the nose, sore dry throat, excruciating cough and overall weakness that goes along with the annual dreaded illness.
Now Im barely hanging in, and Im sure the way I felt Tuesday afternoon that no amount of NyQuil or DayQuil, which Ive been taking on a regular dosage schedule since Sunday night, is going to cure me of my cold before midnight festivities begin today. And Ive quickly gone through an 80-count bag of cough drops. I may even end up at the doctors office for a heavier bit of drugs to kill the cold.
Instead of dancing the night away, I look more like Rudolph with a bright shiny nose ready for Christmas again. Its red, for sure, from all of the Kleenexs that have rubbed on it as the nose has been blown every few minutes for days on end. And the shininess comes from the coating of salve covering the chapped nose in hopes of healing the soreness soon.
I wont miss out on all the fun as the New Year comes in tonight though.
As in years past, I will turn on the television to watch the millions of people in Times Square, where I hope one day to be myself as a New Year rolls in, cheer as the ball drops to midnight, and the finale of 2008.
This year has meant many changes in my life, mostly good, with the return to The Mount Airy News, which I was very happy about, and some sad, with the loss of my grandmother a year ago today.
Im sure the new year, 2009, holds many exciting moments as well. Who knows what those will be, but as they occur I look forward to sharing them with my friends, family and community.
So go out and have a great time tonight bringing in the New Year. Be safe, be responsible, but have fun.
And Ill see you next year.
Wendy Byerly Wood is the associate editor of The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at or 719-1923.

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