To the Editor:

First Posted: 12/24/2008

To the Editor,

In the letter you published from Ms. Mandi Whitt on 12/24, she expressed her outrage that someone who was a Christian would take offense at her atheism. You see, Mandi, you and other atheists have missed the point. We Christians arent outraged by you; we just feel sorry for you. And we really cant understand why you must pick the times of OUR religious ceremonies to parade your disbelief to the rest of the world.
Heres a constructive suggestion: Why dont you get together with all the other atheists and pick a time for your own holiday. Choose your own traditions (and you are welcome to integrate those of other groups and religions if you wish; just like you say we have). Id suggest you pick a time when there is no other religious holiday going on so you get the most exposure. Then you can have your parades, displays, Hallmark cards, retail store sales, TV specials, etc. all centered around your atheism and the rest of us (the approx. 97.7% of humans who claim to believe in some form of higher being) can enjoy watching the spectacle. That way you can get YOUR exposure you evidently so desperately want and not spoil OUR holidays which have no meaning for you anyway.
Also: You certainly have the right to be atheist, but if you are going to be outraged every time you see a Christian symbol, you might want to get a prescription for some good blood pressure medication.

Richard Loftis


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