Elf-ly Entertaining

First Posted: 12/23/2008

Children delivered presents with Santa, Bert and Lester and traveled to the North Pole to become elves with George Monday night, all without leaving the warmth of the Mount Airy Public Library.
Brack and Angela Llewellyn entertained the children and adults alike with classic and not-so-classic Christmas stories. Angela read from Twas the Night Before Christmas and A House Full of Christmas, while Brack entertained them with stories of his own.
In the first story, created by Brack, Bert and Lester, two mice, visit the North Pole and end up having the adventure of a lifetime with the reindeer, Santa and his bag of toys. In his second story, he reveals Georges big plan, to become an elf at the North Pole. He journeys across land, sea and ice in search of his goal.
The children, ranging in age from 3 to 8, were awed by sound effects from Santas loud scream to the small, high-pitched scream of the elves to a talking polar bear.
While the children enjoyed the stories for their entertainment value, parents and grandparents also enjoyed themselves, both by watching the children react and also listening to the stories themselves because they had something to offer to both audiences.
My granddaughter and I know reading is important. I know Brack and his reputation precedes him so it had to be good, said Debbie Wilmoth, who came with her granddaughter, Brianna. Everything the library does is so great. You just dont hear old-timey storytelling like that now.
The story of George becoming an elf was an easy favorite.
It was great, said Lillian Livengood, 8.
Young Bethany Johnson also liked the story of George because it contained so many characters.
George Torres, however, like the story of Bert and Lester best.
I just think its important for the kids to see adults perform drama of the Christmas season so they understand adults have the same dreams and aspirations that they do, said Marie Simmons, who was there with her three grandchildren. Christmas is not just for children as a lot of people think.
Although Brack and Angela have been doing holiday storytelling for several years, this was their first appearance at the library. They try to have different stories each year so that people will continue coming back to hear what new material they have found.
I think it went well. I was very pleased with the turnout, said Angela, who is the librarys young adult coordinator. My favorite part of Christmas is the gatherings and the storytelling like this and hearing the stories every year. Its the nostalgia feeling we get. Sometimes Christmas gets loud and busy, and its nice to take it down and use your imagination.
The duo will be appearing at the Gertrude Smith House today from 5 to 8 p.m. telling stories. The event will also feature some other special guests to help the audience get into the holiday spirit.
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