School advisor admires protesting students

To the Editor,

It pained me to read Mr. Tom Joyce’s opinion piece, entitled “Day without immigrants misguided, as usual,” that was published last Friday.

While Mr. Joyce may not have felt the effects of last Thursday’s “Day without Immigrants” protest (his article does make me wonder how often he considers the experiences of those outside of his own race), I certainly did as an educator. I serve as a college adviser in two area high schools and have the privilege of knowing several students who courageously participated in last week’s protest.

Those students that “deserve to be expelled for a week” are the students that work twice as hard in school in order to overcome the language barrier. The students whose parents pay taxes without the promise of benefits. The students who work diligently to complete both high school and dual-enrollment college assignments daily on top of a part-time job. The students who had no control over how or when they immigrated to the United States. The students who have spent their lives in North Carolina only to be told that they are ineligible for in-state college tuition rates. The students who took their very first absence of the school year last Thursday. The students that exemplify the pursuit of the so-called “American Dream.” The students that are simply asking to be seen as individuals rather than a gross stereotype.

Of course Mr. Joyce is entitled to his opinion, but such vitriol will not make a loyal Mount Airy News reader out of me.


Emily Simpson

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