Despite comments, Trump still best for top office

To The Editor,

Liberal loonism is alive and well in the national, state and local media. As demonstrated by the reaction to an eleven-year-old conversation between Mr. Donald Trump and a male friend on a tour bus. Wow!! Surprise, surprise; we did not know that men discussed their prowess with the ladies.

Was it crude and rude? Absolutely, but does it diminish Mr. Trump’s ability to serve this great nation as president and Commander in Chief? Not in the least. He is a man of demonstrated ability, achievement and positive results. He is exactly what we need to pull us out of the quagmire of non-achievement brought on by the current administration. They have made us an international joke. Our friends no longer trust us and our enemies certainly do not fear us.

Mr. Vladmir Putin, president of Russia, is firmly entrenched in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and is verbally communicating with his Socialist/Communist allies about returning Russian missiles to Cuba.

Wake up my fellow Americans and stand with a political outsider who is ready, willing and able to prove to our friends that we can be trusted and to our enemies, attack us at your peril.

Monroe T. Donathan

Mount Airy

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