Post wanted ‘good’ story, not accurate one

To the Editor,

Unfortunately, the article about Mount Airy in The Washington Post is making its way around social media today. Not surprisingly, it raises concerns which in turn spawn the need for comment.

There is a constant theme in the article… the 1950s. The nostalgia is really not for the 1950s. That is poorly stated. It is for a simpler time. A time when manufacturing jobs were plentiful. A time when you could make a living on the family farm and a time when pornography wasn’t a click away or available on any cable channel after 9 p.m.

Better stated it was a time when, as Dr. King stated, where people “are judged by the content of their character”. (As a side note the fairly recent naming of the bridge on Independence after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., of course, failed to be mentioned.) The Left will always cry Jim Crow when anyone from the South longs for the past. No reasonable Southerner misses those days, nor do they long for them.

Never doubt that The Post had its own agenda when they came here. Nothing was going to come between a good story and fair and honest journalism. I offer as proof many who were interviewed for the article but whose responses failed, in The Post’s eyes, to follow the predetermined story line and therefore did not make the cut. The real blame here is on a media which has devolved and is creating news rather than reporting it. And to a lesser extent it rests on those who failed to realize The Post is not a friend.

We all pay the price as a result… the divide grows.

Todd Harris

Mount Airy

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