Reader takes issue with letter

To the Editor,

I feel that I need to respond to Mr. Harris’s concerns in regards to the Greenway Extension (Letter to the Editor, Nov. 22, 2016). For the most part, our elected Commissioners and Mayor are the most forward thinking group that we have ever elected. They know that to attract new residents and industry we have to stay one step ahead of the other cities in the State that are after the same people and new jobs. If you read any report, this group wants affordable housing, restaurants,greenways,and a great quality of life. As you read this letter, all of these things and many more are being worked on by our City leadership. As far as who is kissing who, I hope it is the residents of the City that are paying the taxes for the parks ect for all to enjoy including non-residents.

I took some time to do some checking on the mowing situation along Riverside Park. Others should have done the same. The mowing was stopped because the NC Wildlife encourage the City to let it grow for fish/wildlife habitat. The Corp of Engineers recommended that River Birch be planted because the roots help stabilize the river bank along the Park. It is not a matter of maintenance but what is recommended by the stream restoration experts. If anyone has a better idea, please contact the City with your ideas.

It’s true that the extension will cost around 5.7 million with the City’s part at $430,000. I, along with everyone else in the world, would love to put $430,000 in the bank and 4 years from now they give me 5.7 million. If you want to talk about TV shows this would be Let’s Make a Deal. Sure, there are other costs involved including maintenance and additional police but I have ever confidence that by the time the Greenway is finished these problems and others will be taken care of. I go by Riverside Park numerous times during the day and I don’t recall not seeing the Police truck and a policeman in the parking lot. Mr. Harris if you have a problem with dogs pooping or trout poaching, please let someone that can help know. Have you talked to the police and the Parks and Recreation Department? Try this and sees what happens or better yet join the trail patrol.

Mr.Harris if you or anyone else wants to really make a difference move into the City limits and run for an elected office or become a part of a committee. Until then, please don’t talk about my City leadership or the City that I love.

Allen Burton

Mount Airy

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