Former GOP head takes issue with report

To the Editor,

I read with concern the News report of an “altercation” at the early voting site in Dobson a few days ago. Although Surry County Commissioner Van Tucker was not part of the altercation, he was referenced in the report. To avoid any confusion, I wish to make several points: 1) Van Tucker was not responsible for any of the circumstances that led to the altercation; 2) Van has not made or authorized any “threats;” and 3) the derogatory comments uttered against Van Tucker were just plain wrong.

The claim that Van Tucker is “cocky, arrogant and an opportunist” is a gross mischaracterization and certainly does not represent my view and the view of numerous citizens who appreciate Van’s sterling character. He is a great family man, a trusted businessman, a compassionate friend and neighbor, and a committed conservative with Christian values. Van has served as commissioner for the East District in a superb fashion. I have not heard one criticism of Van’s service as a commissioner; to the contrary, I have heard only the highest praise for his judgment, fairness, and integrity. As a testament to his competence and reputation, he has served on several governing and advisory boards of important county organizations including Surry Community College and Northern Hospital of Surry County.

In summary, I ask for the citizens of Surry County to reject any negative claims or smears that you may hear or see against the good name of Van Tucker. I will proudly vote for Van Tucker and urge my fellow citizens to do the same. Van’s re-election is important to the excellent work of the current Surry County Board of Commissioners led by an experienced and effective Chairman Buck Golding.

Gary Carson Tilley, Ed.D.

Past Chairman, Surry County Republican Party


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